Iran and Islamic Middle East more trouble than we care to admit  Conventional wisdom now says the Obamaadministrations should have supported the Iranian middle class protesters back in 2009. Remember? They started the revolution in the middle East. When students were being murdered in  the  streets, President Obama said he wanted to negotiate and would not back the students. That has changed now in the middle east and we are supporting all revolutions. But Iran has to be dealt with. They cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Mostly because they have a crazy Ayatollah who would use nuke against us. They have said as much.

They Took Our JobsSteve Jobs passing brought an unusual strong reaction from some techies here in Boulder. We found fighting and sniping about Jobs going on inside of Boulder Start-up tech community. This community is notoriously humorless, thoughtless, judgmental and rude. They will be the subject of some TV shows by me on cyber bullying. They are the worst. Just last week i was threatened again by one of these jack asses. keep it up.

Hacking and Christopher Cheney Boulder is also a subject of FBI and local law enforcement investigations when it comes to hacking.  Christopher Cheney is the latest geek arrested for hacking into celeb email and bank accounts.  I have been hacked here and have an on going FBI investigation into the Boulder techies who did it.  Beyond me the Boulder kid t

ech community supports this criminal activity as does the city of Boulder in its backing of Start-Up Boulder. Other companies involved in sponsored hacking include Trada and Tech Stars who have held advertised hacking events. FBI and Boulder DA tell me they are all under investigation for sponsoring illegal hacking events.  They FBI arrested hundreds of people nationwide last spring including some Boulderites for financial hacking.  Boulder DA’s office tell me that they have sophisticated equipment and an FBI agent in the DA’s office to target Boulder hackers. The Denver FBI office has the most sophisticated anti hacking office in the country. Good. I am sick of these people.

Banning cars on the CU Boulder campus? It’s about time. I have been advocating banning cars from Boulder all together since 1995. We are all dead from air pollution any way, but it couldn’t hurt to get the cars they hell out of town. Ride a bike. Take an electric cab. Dive an electric golf cart. walk . Take an electric bus. Stay the hell home. ( joke)

From the ” oh my God isn’t boulder great” capitol of the world

Jann Scott

Boulder, Colorado