Night Bus service England

For 40 years I have been writing to the city of Boulder about having a
Night bus service. This is a service that would run every hour to select bus stops all over the entire city from midnight to 5:00 am when the regular buses start. It would help students and others from being stranded in the middle of the night. It would only take one or two buses.
I used this service when I lived in Great Britain. It is called the Green Line Night bus service. It begins at 11:00 pm and stops at 5:30 am

A Boulder green line could use 2 buses and run all over the city in a 1 hour loop and comes every hour to each stop.
It would run all the way to Gunbarrel, north Boulder, Table Mesa, where ever a bus goes. It would skip stops and have specific Green line stops .

This is good so people do not get stranded in the middle of the night when the buses stop including weekends