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Marijuana may be doomed in Boulder by Jann Scott



Boulder congressman Jared Pollis


Attorney General Jeff Sessions will come right after Boulder

Marijuana grows, shops, medical and fun may be all over. If Jeff Sessions has his way. Donald Trump too think the Colorado pot experiment is a failure.
Here is why. Marijuana was pushed in Colorado as a medicine, but it never went through the FDA for approval or an upgrade. The entire Medical Marijuana movement was a fraud. It was an excuse for people to get their hands on dope. though pt does have some approval for medical use ….. medical marijuana was never the issue. Putting more dope on the streets was. Everybody knew it. Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and the DEA called it.
President Barrack Obama and Stoner congressman Rich kid Jared Polis pushed hard to get the DEA to back off. But those days are over. What is going to happen now? At one point Trump said he would let it be a states rights issue. Not if sessions, The DEA, or NADA has a say.


You are under arrest for distributing a class 1 narcotic.

They don’t like being lied to. Also Americas drug problem has only gotten worse. There has been no serious effort by the Obama administration to address drug addiction.. especially to children.

In boulder Boulder valley School District is no fan of legalized pot. They have to deal with children coming to school high, on drugs and in trouble more than ever.

The boulder City council is hated by the Trump pot-111administration and the DEA for operating a Drug Cartel. When Macon Cowles stated in 3006 he wanted to be the first city drug cartel in the USA, everyone took notice.

Boulder is seen as a criminal drug cartel city. and it is. The question is will Jeff Sessions have his way…. If he does ….. the grows, pot shops will be shut down. public officials will be federally prosecuted.

I have spent my whole life trying to help people get off drugs… people who have been sick from addictiondope  including pot.  People like Jared Polis have not done one thing to help. Nothing. the Marijuana industry has done nothing to help me help people.. that is because  they think act and run like dope pushers… They want people addicted.


DA Garnett

My prediction was and is… with Trump in…. you better get out of the pot business right now or face the consequences.

I think our district attorney will just squeak by with out being prosecuted himself . He didn’t do anything to stop the dope even when i offered him the chance.

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The Fall is here and is always a fun time around Boulder, in this Fall TV Special we bring you many fun events that took place over the past few months as well as some places to go, things to do, movies to see and music to listen too.

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Boulder’s Homeless would rather drink


There is a lot of misinformation out there about homelessness put out mostly by the: agencies who raise money off of the homeless. They pay their staff first. build buildings first, have offices first. …………………………2 A good example of how to help the homeless would be places like thehomeless-4 Salvation Army women’s and Men’s shelters all over the usa. 80% of their money goes directly to the people they assist. only 20% to staff and buildings.. They provide food , clothing and shelter and have since 1870 with no hooks. The y also have excellent Alcohol and drug treatment facilities for long term recovery. 3. those of you who know me know I have been working with this population for over 20 years. 4. Step 13 is another great model;. They make you sober up and look for a job immediately.. a job of some kind.. no matter what your situation… everybody can do something . They also drug and alcohol test. 5. Alcohol and drugs play a major part in homelessness. Most homeless are adult males in a dominant addiction usually drugs or alcohol… The homeless help industry in boulder does not see fit to put this issue at the TOP of the problem list. they are in fact in denial about it and blame people like me who point it out… If you solve the alcohol and drug problem you solve the homeless problem….. But they don’t know how to do it or play it down and focus on Mental Illness… or job loss of family problems… but those are red herrings…. solve the alcohol and drug problem and you solve the homeless problem.. 6. Half of the homeless who live in transitional housing are drinking and drugging. that is 30 units in north boulder. how do i know ? i ask the people who are sober there who tell me the shelter is clueless. 8 Now I have only been talking about this since 1987 and all of the homeless pimps want to argue about it or worse .. the advocates who drink and drug want to argue.. but it remains.. address the alcohol and drug problem amongst boulders homeless.. you solve the problem….. The problem is .. most of them do not want to get sober, because their addiction has slammed them on the street. they are so far gone.. their brains are mush…. and that is not just the few.. that is the majority. 70% are adult males in an addiction. In Boulder throw in the youth too. They are teen alcoholics learning how to ruin their life form the older chicken hawks. 20 % are mentally ill with no addiction problem.. only 10% are situationally homeless…. people who have lost a job etc.. and they want to work.. they do not drink or drug. They want out of homelessness.. But they are the minority. And they get out of homelessness in a few months. , 7 Think about it there are all kinds of services in Boulder for people who want off the street. 8.but it is more profitable to panhandle.. make $40 to $80 a day(tax free) and drink in the bushes or go to BOHO drunk. some people will pan handle out of homelessness. but not many. I know a handful of guys who quit drinking, panhandled, save their money, , found a real job, and a place to live… only a few,… but i know hundreds who pand handle and drink it all up. that’s the reality.



NIDA : Pot and Beer do not mix


pot-and-beerBoulder overrun by stoned beer drugged driving drunk driving it is a nightmare out there what have you seen? Tell me your stories about almost being run over by crazy drunk drivers stoned drivers texting driver s ? is a combination of all three drivers? isn’t it a mess? Research shows driving impairment increases significantly when alcohol is combined with marijuana use. http://www.drugabuse.gov/publicat…/drugfacts/drugged-driving


I stand with American Muslims


american-muslimsThe thing about American Muslims they are the most patriotic group of immigrants that you can find. They fight in our Wars against Isis. They are a huge part of our CIA and NSA and police departments…


I published Rocky Mountain Musical Express in 1976



yup I founded and published Rocky Mountain Musical Express here in Boulder in November 1975 we covered some great tours that year including Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder and the Bob Marley Tour by CU photographer Jerry Aarronson. This paper was distributed by Columbine distributing and was sold in 14 Western states. Though we were based in Boulder our biggest fans were in Denver and Houston…

Today I host Boulder Music, Bands, Events on Facebook


Shock! America lost 10,000 aircraft Vietnam?


AMERICAN SHOT DOWN 10,000? I have never seen that widely reported before. According to Wikipedia and other Global Sources the Russian anti-aircraft, Sam missiles and Triple A ground fire strategies used by the North Vietnamese shot down everything America put in the sky. records show hundreds of B-52s thousands of F4 Phantom jets, thousands of Huey helicopters. the Pentagon the Air Force and Army reported the complete opposite. They said US dominated the air over Vietnam. Truth is The North Vietnamese did. They only lost 2300 aircraft. But combined forces of the United States Australia Canada and other Allied Forces lost over 13,000..
I had interviewed some Aces from America. They insisted USA dominated the skies but in fact records now show in one-on-one dog fights the North Vietnamese Pilots beat American Pilots five to one…!. this is sickening makes you wonder why we ever go to war with 3rd World countries who have the will to win


Oklahoma, Waco, Ruby Ridge April 19 An American Tradgety


She was killed at Ruby Ridge.

It was war on American soil. The right wing militias took on the US government on April 19th over a few decades. Though Ruby Ridge took place in August of 1992, it sparked the militia revolution. Randy Weaver was holed up in his home with his family and would not come out when federal agents tried to serve him papers. A gun fight ensued and family members  were killed.

Waco burns during assault by ATF and FBI

The Waco Siege ended on April 19th 1 year later when hundreds of innocent people were killed when the federal government assaulted a religious compound.

The Oklahoma city attack on the federal government occurred on April 19 1995 in answer to Waco and Ruby Ridge. It killed 168 federal workers and their children and injured over 600.

This date is not lost on the American Patriot movement since the battle s for Lexington and Concord were fought on April 19 1775 marking the beginning of the  American revolution. The British of course tried to put the USA under tyranny. Today is patriots day in Boston where re-enactments take place.

This is also the day (1 short) when the Boston Marathon bombing took place by radical Muslims in 2013. They wanted america under Muslim and Sharia law.

Oklahoma bomb blast smoldering

Adolf Hitlers birth day is on this day ( one day short). Hitler of course tried to put the world in slavery.

Abraham Lincolns funeral took place on this day. He was assassinated a few days earlier by people who were fighting tyranny from their point of view.

The Warsaw Ghetto uprising took place where young Jews fought the Nazis to the death in Poland. They were eventually all killed in the battle or in the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

I think I am just saying this date holds some pretty weird coincidences… and with hope no new events will take place.


Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado, an American city

Jann Scott’s Journal

Jann Scott’s Journal is written every now and then by Boulder media Icon and talk show host


Police Dogs

Jann Scotts Journal :Police Dogs are dangerous animals


Do you like police German Shepards? This one mauled a man to death while in police custody. The handler orders dog to attack the  man while three officers are on top of him. Nazis used German police dogs because they were so vicious. We had a young woman who worked for us whose dad was the head of Denver k9 and her stories of Denver Police Department police dogs were horrendous. Those dogs are out of control. They are trained killers. They will kill another animal just for the hell of it. When it happens, the police never get in trouble. pff.. I realize that police hold these k9 dogs as officers and they love them.

I don’t love them. I think they are vicious monsters and they need to be shot dead. Any officer who allows his dog to kill a citizen needs to be taken out, put up against a wall and shot with him holding his dog. Those two m………..s can go together. The officers in this video should all be executed on the street.
That’s my personal opinion. Now I love cops but bad cops, they need to be shot. Good cops need to be good  vigilantes. They need to shoot these f********. If they don’t citizens will form militias and start shooting cops… as provided in the second amendment.
Oh wait, that’s already happened. You’ve noticed the police assassinations this year?? in New York City and other places where pissed off black guys walked up to avenge the murder of a friend. Cops shot right  in the head.  police officers sitting in their patrol cars  and executed  Mexican drug cartel style.

Now, I like that. that’s what I called vengeance.
Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.
And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”
I been saying that shit for years. And if you heard it, that meant your ass.
I never gave much thought to what it meant. I just thought it was some cold-blooded shit to say to a motherfucker before I popped a cap in his ass.
But I saw some shit this morning made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking, maybe it means you’re the evil man, and I’m the righteous man, and Mr. 9 Millimeter here? He’s the shepherd protecting my righteous ass in the valley of darkness.
Or it could mean you’re the righteous man and I’m the shepherd and it’s the world that’s evil and selfish. Now I’d like that.
But that shit ain’t the truth. The truth is…you’re the weak, and I am the tyranny of evil men. But I’m trying, Ringo. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd.

I know a lot of people go ‘oh that’s terrible. the poor police. I’m like oh good this is good.. I like this revenge. there is justice. there is street justice. okay ,so any cops reading this…. you know where I stand …either you take care of the bad cops or citizens will form hit squads and they’re going to take care of all of you. That’s how it’s going to go… do you here me cops. All cops all over America are in deep s*** and you put yourself there. Your days of rule over.


I wonder if the cop culture in America will change ??


Jann Scotts Journal

from Boulder Colorado

Dog Capitol of America


Why are Americans assassinating their Police : Jann Scott’s Journal



cops on a bus… it won’t be funny when they start shooting you.

American citizens have started assassinating it’s police officers in 2015 in a visible fashion. Why?  The simple and short answer is, Americans have adopted a shoot first ask questions later attitude when it comes to the police;  the same one the police have. The perception is if you look wrong :ie black, Mexican, hippie, drunk, alone, vulnerable, the police will stop you, detain you, arrest you and kill you. Cop Watch and other police monitoring groups have plenty of evidence for that.  USA Today reports in 2015 Police have murdered more unarmed  citizens than anytime in 20 years.

According to police and their supporters, the recent spate of police assassinations have been the actions of black criminals up to no good. But a more sober look reveals  armed rebellion going on all across America.  Retaliation by rebel street fighters. Mujaheddin  if you will. Black Lives Matter. Nations of Islam. Black panther party; Rebel forces; Anonymous; Fuck the Police to name a few have recently called for the assassination of Americas police. That is what is going on.

We have a political problem that is being fought out in the streets of a America by cop death squads and black rebel fighters. But this is not just happening in black Ghettos. It is happening in upper class white neighborhoods too. Like  Boulder Colorado.

In July of this year a police death squad of 4 paramilitary officers gunned down an unarmed 22 year old college student, Sam Forgy who was drunk, crazy and naked. The officers put 4 rounds into him and murdered him. He posed no threat. The DA said it was justified. I of course think that is a “bunch of cover up fucking bullshit”  And I am not alone . The whole city feels that way. Other police chiefs, DAs, lawyers feel them same. Police have murdered over 1,200 American citizens so far this year in the USA. Retaliatory strikes by rebel forces have netted only 22 cops.

Somehow I feel that is about to change. You will see more cops killed. Here’s why. Take me for example. I have been a staunch police supporter up until Ferguson. Then I started to look around and examine why was I a police supporter. The answer shamefully is because I am afraid of them.  I have worked with them and I know what they are like. Every time anyone has a police contact, they are at risk of being murdered by the police.. with no justice. The cops get away with murder all the time. Even here in Boulder.  So if you are a smart ass rich white kid driving around in your car in Boulder, and get pulled over by police, you better watch your mouth or you could end up a fatality real quick.

Of course the other alternative, which the black kids from the ghetto have figure out,  is to carry a bunch of guns and kill the cops as soon as or before they stop you. You have nothing to lose. Better yet, wait for the police and sniper them. This is not a new tactic.  When NWA released “Fuck the Police” Compton street gangs were already shooting  a police officer a day in LA. That is when , then LAPD police chief Daryl Gates started having gang summits in LA to let his officers operate with out getting shot at.

Well all of that is off the table.  Americas police have gone crazy and American citizens are taking the fight to them.. in the most horrendous way.. assignations. Do I think this is good or bad ?  I am not going to put a value judgement on it. it is what it is.

Take the NRA for example.. Why are they so in favor of guns ? It is not for hunting, I can tell you that. They want guns to shoot back at the police. They are always measuring.. how much fire power do I need for when the cops come to my house to arrest me.  Remember when the BLM showed up to remove the ranchers horses in Arizona last year?? Hundreds of NRA members showed up to block the police.. cooler heads prevailed… but  these were white guys armed to the teeth.

police 2

University of Colorado Police. poorly trained and aggressive.

In Boulder a man was pulled over by University of Colorado police last Spring. The female office pulled him over because he waved at cops on patrol. The officer turned around , followed the man, pulled him over in a brand new Audi, and proceeded to interrogate him…. based on what? .. an expired tag. the officer told him she could take him to jail if she wanted. she wanted to know if he had any guns.. she then called for back up… at which point both young officers laughed at the man. This man was frightened. He was middle aged , white, a businessman…. This man was me.  Now did I feel that this female cop and her back up could have shot and killed me at any second… Yes I did.. Did it piss me off, yes it did. I also realized these fucking cops are out of control and need to be reeled in, retrained and set straight.

Ya see where I am headed here………… white people ?? I don’t have to explain this to black people or Mexican Americans.. they already know what the police are like.


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