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Kidodi twitter pop slots Cindy Carlisle wins Boulder City council seat Cindy Carlisle is unabashedly anti growth candidate for Boulder city council. Her election today was the answer to pro-growth money which poured into this years election.  Her election was not the only one. Maribai Nagle is a conservationist and decidedly anti growth. She jumped into this race as a 1st timer because of out of control building downtown.

vegas crest free spins direfully Jan Burton a pro-growther lost as an incumbent because Boulder wants to stop the building downtown. Though I like Jan, she paid the price.

Jill Adler Grano a young female Boulder realtor was the only pro-growth candidate elected. Her platform is cloaked in Boulder popular buzzwords, but she is in favor of density and urbanization.

Sam Weaver was relected and his record is no growth.

Mary Young was re elected too but her voting record often comes down on density and urbanization. I am not a fan.

However, I think the Boulder city council balance has tipped back to slow growth and sanity. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end to more giant buildings in the downtown Boulder area.