DEAJust as I reported last week. The DEA is here and they  taking prisoners.  Last week I reported that the DEA would do in Colorado what they did in California. It has begun. Boulder is next for busts and jail for illegal Marijuana  drug dealing operators. Better known as Medical Marijuana Dispensaries these drug dens have been a thorn in the side of the US attorney and the DEA.

The city of Boulder thinks it is above the law and it is about to find out what a roust of city hall feels like. 

“DENVER (CBS4) – Federal drug agents have busted a medical marijuana dispensary in Adams County and have charged three people accused of running the business and another who owned a warehouse where pot was allegedly being grown..”

“Our federal government, which is supposed to serve us, the people of Colorado, instead declares war on us and somehow has the recourses to go against a harmless medicinal plant,” medical marijuana attorney Robert Corry said. “We are keeping our own house in order in Colorado and then the federal government comes in and basically declares war on the government of our state.”

Well, Corry I got news form you: Some of us are glad , glad glad the DEA is busting you drug dealing dirt ball scum. As far as I’m concerned everyone who authorized these Dope dealing gangsters belong in Federal penitentiary. Why? Cause they sold drugs to children and turned a lot of our kids in to drug addicts.

For those of you who are wondering what is up with my anti drug attitude. I got started in broadcasting as an anti drug dealing crusader way back in 1987. The DEA  are heros . Thanks for doing what you do and good hunting here in Boulder.


FLASH: This morning, on Sunday Morning, on CBS, a feature on “pill mills” or pain clinics showed that this year, 2011, deaths by drug over dose surpassed death by automobiles. This is astounding. When I first reported on this topic in 1987 drunk driving deaths far exceeded drug overdoses. Drunk driving deaths have not gone down.

In 2009 I went after Dr Jacks pain clinics here in Boulder. But it was only this morning that the national news have finally done a story on drug overdose epidemic caused by pain clinics.  It is now all over the country and it is legal. What have we done?

From the biggest dope dealin small city in America

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado