Drunk women leaving BMOCA event

Boulder Colorado is huge drinking community.  It tops every drinking and party list that comes out. Boulder also has a high level of alcohol related diseases especially alcoholism, mental illness and domestic violence

Last week a media campaign begun by the PR women at Downtown Boulder, on Twitter and at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art are pushing an alcohol driven event called “Best Mixologist”

” The 2nd annual contest stirs up talent throughout Downtown Boulder as select mixologists compete for the audience vote on the best cocktail!Savor, critique, and vote for the most inventive cocktails prepared by an elite group of downtown Boulder’s drink masters. Attendee votes decide the winner who along with bragging rights – will possess the KidRobot custom designed trophy until the 2013 competition. Tickets: $45/advance | $50/door Ticket Price Includes: Access to the event, a commemorative shot glass, samples of every mixologists drink…….” http://c1n.tv/boulderchannel1/category/news/scene/

This is essentially a huge drinking event with absolutely no merit.  It promotes alcoholism, alcohol abuse, irresponsible drinking, drunk driving everything Boulder has been fighting for decades. They are promoting addictive behavior. It’s a wonder they don’t have a vodka inflatable outside BMOCA. The city discourages alcohol banners and inflatables promoting alcohol.

BMOCA is supposed to be an art museum, but it is notorious for having drunken parties and this on Best Mixologist is the worst .

Up on the Hill a local Toco shop is trying to turn itself into a late night drinking hole. City councilman Macon Cowles has been trying to get the cops to show stats which relates drinking to crime on the hill.   That is a given, but the city is casting a harsh eye on any more drinking establishments on the hill. We shall see. I don’t have much faith.

Boulder has two more super liquor stores opening this year. So the city is hypocritical when it comes to addressing alcoholism.

I think Downtown boulders behavior is outrageous and in extreme poor tastes by promoting young women to become alcoholics. Downtown boulder turned Band on the Bricks into a drunk fest of beer and made it less of a family event. They don’t come anymore.

BMOCA should be ashamed of themselves too. What kind of fucking art museum is this?? Holding a Coyote Ugly event?? That belongs in a bar. Why didn’t BMOCA promote a Best Barista event instead?

What is the most troubling is that Best Mixologist is the brain child of young Boulder PR women at Downtown Boulder and on Twitter. These are the wine and martini girls who ( all they talk about is drinking ) who are pushing more drinking in our community.  Shame on them.

From the #1 drinking small city in America

Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado