The anti-fracking gang gone mad in Colorado  First off we have been fracking for oil in this country for decades without serious harm done to the earth;  unless of course that you think that all drilling and facking for oil is the rape of the earth and should not be done at all which is the sentiment here in Boulder Colorado.  The problem is that Colorado and the rest of the United states are an Oil based economy.  Oil and gas to be precise. Throw coal in there too.  If the anti fracking people really want to do something worthwhile they could force legislation for clean coal fired power plants.  They could force the auto industry to produce only cars which get 28 miles to the gallon.  They could be less hysterical about fracking and use their brains. They could start burning gas stations and big suvs… that would send a message. lol We are not going to stop fracking. If we did  oil prices would multiply by 10 and the world economy will collapse again. Oil and gas production in the USA got us out of the last financial crisis and it is supporting the current economy. But most of the anti oil, gas and coal people are anarchists who want to see the destruction of the world economies. They are seriously misguided.

Marijuana chickens have come home to roost in Colorado  Here are some of the problems we have. Russian gangs and Colombian drug cartels have moved in and are starting to take over. The DEA is busting them in Boulder and Denver but local law enforcement officials refuse to cooperate with DEA. They are corrupt. DEA does not trust local lE. They hate each other. One division chief here told me there has been a long standing feud.  The DEA told me that they  are investigating all grow and pot shops in Boulder and that they have been preparing cases on everyone involved including publicly elected officials. They include Boulder County DA Stan Garnet, US congressman Jared Polis, the entire Boulder city council and city staff. Polis has been going after the DEA and has been a strong proponent for legalization. Other problems include potency of edibles which nobody is investigating except news media. Ecoli, mold spores and Botulism have been found in pot shops and grow centers through a lab investigation done by the Denver Post. Colorado department of health told me they are looking into it. But they and Boulder county health department are so far behind the 8 ball they embarrass themselves. All of these pot operations should be shut down until theses diseases are eliminated. Meanwhile people are getting sick and children are overdosing.  There have been grow fires too from baking pot oil in home bakeries which are also illegal. There is a banking problem since selling marijuana violates dozens of federal laws. One senior Boulder banking official told me that if they opened drug related checking accounts, the DEA could walk right in and seize all of the assents and then arrest bankers. This is done routinely across America. A Boulder Sheriffs official told me ” they had no idea what they were doing when they decided to open all of these grow operations and pot shops” “The consequences have been dire.” But Colorado and Boulder where I live has now overdosed on drugs and it is a mess.

GMOs have been around since 12,000 BC when man first domesticated animals. We have been genetically modifying animals and plants ever since. The GMO wackos seem to be focused on food Gene splicing . It is a religion to them. Just like the Christian Wackos have a problem with human genetic splicing. Neither are big issues and both are flat out wrong. The hope is that much gene splicing and genetic engineering will eliminate diseases and help develop disease curing drugs which is fine by me.

from the smartest city in America
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado