I went to a rare event the other night at the Boulder Chamber. It used to be called Boulder Chamber of Commerce but they wanted to distance themselves from the national, “The chamber of Commerce”.  The anti capitalist, anti business sentiment among the left here  in Boulder are to blame. Thank God the didn’t change it to the Boulder Chamber of Communists.

The conference I attend was on immigration. (Boulder Chamber event, Global Business Networking: Accessing High Tech Talent Live at 5:30 tonight, Nov 10, 2011) Specifically why the American government make  it is so hard to hire foreign engineers for technology firms. The USA has a shortage of high quality engineers. Tech firms have to look elsewhere to find them but the government won’t allow American companies to hire foreign engineers. Some Boulder companies survival depend upon it. Some have gone broke.

In a nutshell when you have a highly competent foreign engineer working for a tech firm, you can build a division around him and thereby hire a whole slew of less competent American engineers to do the production. So it is a job creator. The problem is that the Bush administration screwed us and congress is too stupid to figure out that we have fallen behind.. They think every immigrant wanting to work here is either a Saudi terrorist or an unskilled illiterate.

To make matters worse we’ll give out education visas like candy but once we graduate a Korean engineer, we won’t let him back in the country to work for us, so he goes to China and works for them helping to build their economy. How dumb is that?

Anyway we televised this conference and you will be able to see it on my 22BOOM Show next week. If you want to see a crappy video stream version of it you can see that on Justin TV Boulder Channel One .

Now, I like going to business events but the business community is divided here in Boulder. The Boulder Chamber is big and old school. But they are very inviting and open too. They will let any community member play. They are the most  equal community oriented business group.  Downtown Boulder is more selective, elitist and discriminating. They hurt themselves and local business’s continually….. I have beaten them up pretty hard here too for it.  They whole Boulder Start Up community headed by Start-Up Boulder and their ilk is by far the most elitist, censoring, divisive, discriminating business group in Boulder.  Of course they don’t think so. Most of them are 21 to 32 and they think they invented business and everyone else is stupid.

“This is both a problem and part of Boulders nature” a Chamber Economic Vitality staffer told me.  “It is also what makes Boulder a successful business community”. Maybe so, but I hate snot nosed elitist kid know it alls and they make terrible employees.

I did have fun at this event though. It had a mix of old farts ( my people and young punks..them)

Jared Polis was there to speak about how stupid the American congress is. Jason Mendelson was there to help Jared uphold the the “super rich” end. Actually I dunno how much money he has. It’s millions and millions. Jared of course is a billionaire.

I put the tap on them both to help me sell channel One Networks to Google or Face book.  A 30 second pitch was too long. I needed a ten second one for Jared.  He was like, What can I do? I dunno anybody.” Mendelson was a little more targeted… “Why should I”? he asked. Good Question.  Because Jason,  C1N is designed to have ad, print, TV offices in every city and is  self sustaining. It is a multi billion dollar company and you can make millions right now off of it. It works.

But they ran away from me.  I’ll keep you posted on my pitches. But this is the year.. actually 2012 is the year we have large capitalization and plan to plan to open a 2500 person facility in Boulder.