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The Colorado state Legislature is all cranked up this week over gun control. What ever laws they pass won’t change a thing. Unless they move AR-19s, AK 47s and all military type weapon into a special permit category nothing will change. That special permit category is reserved for collectors of military weapons.

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Semi- auto handguns of course are a giant problem. All of the Glocks andf Berettas put out as much fire power as an assault weapon. Twenty years ago I had a Denver police officer tell me on my radio show. “We are out gunned on the street. You have criminals walking around with with semi auto Glock 9 millimeter”

And of course crazy people like James Holmes and Klebolt and Harris have readily gotten their hands on military weapons. What are we going to do about them.

Here are a few solutions:

1. Pass a law that anyone who purchases a hand gun or rifle must go through a gun safety glass with every purchase. Make this mandatory in Colorado.

2. Open a public shooting range in Boulder with a shoot master where these classes are given.

The above two will teach safety first and respect for fire arms.

Now on the issue of guns on the CU campus. I thinks women should be allowed to carry guns on campus but not men. That will end sex assault and see a few cases of men with their balls shot off. but it’s a nice message.

If Boulder wasn’t the hippie drug capitol of the world before, it certainly is now. And we are the laughing stock of the nation. Besides decriminalizing pot possession Boulder has open drug sales to anyone with cash.
As I predicted two years ago, teen drug abuse would sky rocket as a result and that is exactly what has happened. Why because drugs are addictive and law makers are stupid.
You would think that there would be a 100% tax on pot to pay for an new teen rehab center to stem the mayhem caused by drugs.

well that’s it from our happy little bubble here in the Rockies
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado