Since today is his 30th anniversary for being on Late night television and I am in the same biz , I thought I’d say something. I’ve been on TV as a night time host since 1989 here in Boulder and Denver.

Before I got into broadcasting , as a guy in his late 20’s I once drove a truck long distance to all 48 states. Letterman had a morning talk show on NBC that was absolutely crazy. So all across america in Truck stop lounge areas, at 10 am weekdays, there would be big burly truckers watching Dave along with Americas housewives.  nuff said.

David LettermanWhen I started in talk radio in 1987, I hosted a serious programs called Addiction Free Radio but I could not help copying Letterman’s quips. My audience sometimes felt insulted. A new audience found it funny. And thus began my transition from a serious broadcaster to , well what I am now. Jann Scott Live.

Interesting about Letterman is that he was in news broadcasting where he to was fired for being a wise ass weather man. Oh horrors. I have been fired plenty of times for over the top antics.

In 1994 when Vicky our video editor was visting NYC she went to Lettermans show and video taped a piece out side the Ed sullivan Theater as Frann, Janns sister. She actally looked like me in the piece.

Clay, my son went to his show in 1993 and brought me a T-shirt  and a post card and door magnet which I still have.

My brother Joe built David Lettermans pool in Connecticut.

I have a signed autograph of David Letterman on my wall. He signed it and sent it to me with  a letter written by Lori Diamond thanking me for doing Addiction Free Radio. Letterman is also in recovery. But I have more more time than he does. neener neener neener.

In the late 80s I used to call his office with prank calls. Like, once I told them “we had Daves new Honda ready.” Lori diamond came on the phone, “Dave doesn’t have a new Honda.. she laughed and said  Nice try though” I could never get through.

I used to write bits and send them in on his website. They never used any.

A fourteen year old kid I worked with selling coupons actually got his letter read on Letterman.

Finally, in desperation  I gave up  and decided to just be the best Dave I could be right here in Boulder…

Oh Christ! this was supposed to be about David Lettermans 30th anniversary and some how, again, I made it all about me.

Now I am happy

Jann Scott