Andy RooneyLike Everyone else in America I watched Andy Rooney at the end of 60 minutes every Sunday if I  am at home. Am Was. Whatever. I wouldn’t necessarily watch all of 60 minutes, but I would watch Andy Rooney. With him 60 minutes was the #1 watched TV show in America. Did you know that. ?  #1 in the ratings.

I loved Andy’s set. His desk  at CBS news. I loved his talk piece. Just about 3 minutes.Andy Rooney Arrest

I too have been a writer for 40 plus years and have been on Talk radio and talk TV. Still am. Nothing beats a live Talk call in TV show for viewers callers or participation……… well, except the Boulder city council…… Anything that smacks of free speech, they do not like…… me.

I have done some short commentary pieces which play on the Internet or cable.  I’ve done live talk TV on the net. I’ve written a daily column too. In fact I have done all or some of the above since I first wrote for the Lions Roar in Putney Vermont in 1967. I First appeared on radio on WHCN  in Hartford Connecticut. In 1969 I reported from Woodstock for WDRC Hartford and wrote for International Times, London in 1971.

I followed Andy Rooney since as far back as I can remember. I followed all the old talk writer guys. And now I guess I am turning into one.  But what gripes me is one of the problems with the social media generation. They have no sense of history.  They  think they invented everything media. So in my plodding along, I am engineering a way to communicate that will supersede all of that. Look for it here on Jann Scott Live or on my cable TV show 22Boom.

And Andy Rooney. you’ll be missed, but I plan

from the social media Hitler youth capital

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado