He was not a rock star and women could not justify having this fat slob on top of them>

There are 100′ s of studies and articles about why girls like to have sex with musicians. If Harvey wEinstein was a musician as well as powerful Hollywood producer. He would not be in the trouble he is in..

Billy Joel is an older Jewish rock star… yet he always have a beautiful bevey on his arm, I assure you, it is not A gliklekhn

Banging a big fat Jewish producer is not as in vogue as it was. But banging a fat Jewish rock star is definitely still in.. Is there an antisemitic element to the Weinsten case. Of course. He is the stereo type. the women he raped are mostly starlet beauties.. so am I crying foul ? Yep. Women are fickle creatures. They will fuck who they want when they want… and won’t fuck when they don’t want. Weinsteins mistake was , he did not get his research down not play the game right. There are plenty of hollywood girls who who have willingly fucked him. He did not have to rape them.