Today Aaron Smith and I went to Ridgeview High School in Longmont to speak to a Career path class. They were mostly serious minded students who were interested in what kind of life choices they were going to make. What a smart idea for a Class. Here’s the break down of what I learned. One student wanted to become an Air traffic controller, another an engineer, another wants to be a police officer at Longmont PD. Another a naval career, another a broadcaster, another wanted to work in computers and video and 1 wasn’t sure.

One of the students called us  and asked if we would come and speak with the class about Boulder Channel 1. They meet three times a week and go on field trips to businesses or have company reps come into speak. How cool is that? We are working on a news piece of our visit and you’ll find it on Boulder Channel 1 later this month.

Is this a spate of girls calling in with false reports of sexual assaults? I think so. There have been three in the last year. Boulder PD charged two girls for false reporting in the last two weeks. wtf is this about? And how many actual charges for sexual assault are bogus that are never revealed. I am afraid way too many. In the 1990s a CU football player was charged , convicted and sent to prison for the rape of his “girl friend” . Three years later she called police and told them that she made the whole thing up, lied through out the trial because she was mad at “him”.  It took 6 months for the case to be reversed, but she eventually went to prison in his place.  Last week we reported that a man was arrested for groping a girl in a hotel room. I tried to talk to boulder PD about this case. It sounds flimsy to me. Like what was the girl doing in “a hotel room on a per-arranged meeting?” Sounds suspicious.

In the past few weeks, we at Boulder channel 1 have been under attack on twitter by a guy named Max Bowman who is a drunkard and a Boulder massage therapist.  We received over 200 threatening tweets.  The police have been involved and now have Bowman under investigation. His case goes to the DA for charges of cyber bullying, harassment threats etc.  Our computer science engineer tracked him down and put the pd case together. But as I’ve said many times on here , Twitter can be a dangerous place. Boulder has it’s share of crazy people on there.

Jann Scott Live – Are you sick of Nazi government control?The Boulder city council , yesterday, took on the topic of work place violence. Seth Brigham’s name came up again. He is the guy who got pissed off at the city when they denied his right to public access TV. He then became a permanent fixture at council meetings routinely calling them a bunch of criminals. He won one law suit for $10,000.  Is Seth Brigham a potential threat to members of council?. I dunno, maybe. They now pay a cop to be there every week to protect them from him.  I suppose I should include myself in that group too.  I have done TV shows and written about the violent over throw of government when they deny protected constitutional rights to the people. The council and the Daily Camera went crazy with my performances.