Sylvia and I took a day trip up the Thames river to the Royal Castle one summers day in August. Windsor Castle sits on 13 acres in the country in Berkshire county England. Coincidentally, I grew up in the Berkshires in New England not that I lay any claim to royalty or the castle, but a visit to Windsor is awe inspiring.

To give you some perspective, Windsor Castle was originally built by William the Conqueror in the decade after the Norman conquest of 1066.  It is surround by the beautiful Windsor park In all it is the size of Boulder….well nearly

Sylvia was American English. She looked very English.  We were young in love and on an adventure. She studied fashion design at Bournemouth College. I was a staffer at International Times in London.

The castle is so big it was used as a fortress and was a small town complete with everything for self sustainability. Even today as the Royals official castle and sometime summer home it maintains a staff of 400 just to keep it going.

We were drawn to one part of the castle the Crimson drawing room which stretched on for ever.


And then there was the Kings Bedroom also in crimson.

Anyway, if you do go to England this summer or any summer, do go to Windsor Castle if you want to be blown away. Yes, but go in the summer. The winter is too cold and dreary. and make sure the Royals aren’t there, because they won’t let you in.

From Royal Boulder
Jann Scott