Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

He is Pope Francis the first formerly Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected by his

Jann Scott in Boulder.

peers Wednesday evening as the new pope, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas. He is named after St Francis of Assisi who is my favorite saint known for talking with animals and helping the poor. I try to model my deep spiritual life after him which is to say I personally try to help the poor every day by feeding them, giving them jobs. With animals I have many bird feeders and talk to the cats and have them leave the birds alone which seems to work. I have a statue of st. Francis in my back yard and some religious metals of him which Fr. Breslin has blessed. I often give those to people who need a lift up. So I have much hope for our new Pope and look for a resurgence of the Catholic faith. And yes by the way I am Catholic, a christian, a believer and I follow Jesus who I determined that he is the biggest baddest Guru in Boulder….. even though he’s dead…. well not dead … he lives with the father in heaven which I also believe in. As well as the holy trinity… you know father son holy spirit. I also believe in angels and that I have a guardian angel. I have seen angels over Boulder. Yep I talk to Jesus and he answers. I talk to God the Father and he answers me in prayer. God also intervenes into my life when I need help, I ask and he answers. So it is all good. That is to say God is all good. Jesus is all good and the holy spirit is all good. Me? I am just a human with big failings and need all the help I can get. Thankfully I have been saved by the holy see and I know what’s up so to speak.

The DOPE scene in Boulder is another matter. It is straight out of the pit of hell and abounds with no controls. I see it first hand since I volunteer with drug addicts every day also. Drug addiction in Boulder is getting worse not better. There is very little drug treatment and while the city of Boulder ponders unleashing another barrage of addicting drugs on our youth I wonder ” are they fricking serious?”

Jann Scott
from Nirvana
Boulder, Colorado