Lets look at the issues:

Corporations, Are they really bad. If you are a communist they are bad. Communists want everything to be controlled by the state. Look how well that worked out for Russia and China. They switched their economic systems to model after American Capitalism.

Corporate Person hood. Is it evil? By definition corporations take on the characteristics of a person. But corporations exist to protect individual share holders, officers, workers, and managers. A corporation is an entity. Now in Boulder the communists want the federal government to end Corporate Person hood. Why? so that the proponents of anti capitalism will gain power is my take.  When I see Regina Cowles an avowed Communist , head of NOW ( a communist radical organization of women) trying to get our children to vote out corporations, it makes my head spin.

Occupy Boulder? Why bother?  What’s wrong with Boulder? How about nothing. Everything is right about Boulder. The economy is good. There are plenty of Jobs. Capitalism is at work. The Commies are happy here. There are plenty of government jobs supported by American capitalism. There are more corporate and government jobs here than we know what to do with. Everybody is rich here. The Entrepreneurs are making money hand over fist. Start up “corporations” are flourishing. We are in fact a hot bed of rich American capitalists with communist ideals. But just try to take our money. No I don’t think Boulder wants to do away with Corporate Person hood and neither do you, if you plan on continuing to eat at the Kitchen.

The Kitchen, The St. Julien  These very hip, very left speak easys are Bastions of Boulder super Capitalism. The men who opened these two establishments made millions dare I say billions off the American Capitalist system. Do you think they want to do away with Capitalism and corporations?? Bullshit.

Boulder Weeklies Pam White is a communist But do you think Boulder weekly is a collective News Paper?? Think again. It is owned by Stewart Gallo and he runs it with an Iron Fist.  Pam White may try to sell ” shared wealth” to you and Stewart Gallo may let her have her say in “Uncensored” but Boulder weekly is all about the money. All about advertising revenus. All about consumerism. All about the sell. All about perception. They fucking want to stay in business and their advertisers better get results or its all over for Pam and the other writers there.

So what’s the problem with Wall Street?  Well, nothing really. We have had financial markets in this country since our birth…even before out birth. If there weren’t banks and financial institutions to finance our homes, cars , business’s, our float, international credit, commercial lines of credit, we, my friends would descend into chaos, anarchy, civil war, starvation in a heart beat. So none of that is ever going to happen. The American Capitalist system is here to stay and “it ain’t never going away, bucky”

It’s the Banks  I agree the investment bankers, hedge funders, the traders who leveraged our money market savings, who sold us short “literally” are the scum who should be charged, tried and executed by firing squad in front of the New York Stock Exchange. We used to do that sort of thing in this country. Maybe we should bring it back.

But for you to blame Wall Street because you can’t find a job, or you took out a dumb student loan is they wrong way Jose’ Speaking of Jose, he loves it here in Boulder. He has plenty of work because the privileged white American kids don’t want to work. Now stop complaining and stop blaming and go to work. Make something happen.

From the richest small city in the USA

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado