Oh My God. I just got back from Sun Flower Market and with in a period of 15 minutes 5 people nearly drove into me.

As I drove down a parking lane in the Sun Flower lot a girl on a light green scooter came blasting toward me nearly hitting me and two other cars in the process. She wasn’t stopping for shit and everybody yelled at her.

On the way down Folsom I was making a right turn onto Canyon and noticed a road bike in my right mirror. I was going to make the turn and then thought “ you know, this guy isn’t going to stop..he is going to keep coming and pass me on the right”….and’ surin than  shit’ he did…head down, head up ass, pissed off look….fuck! I almost killed him.  This happens to me about once a week in Boulder.

Then as I headed east on Canyon in the left hand turn lane following traffic, some guy behind me got into a road rage incident with another car and proceeded to screech his brakes right next to me trying to force the other guy off the road.

At 28th and Jay road with the coast clear, I made a left turn out of the left turn lane and a CRX came blasting through at about 70 mph nearly hitting me. He looked at me with one of those, what’s your problem?  I started up again and a guy in a BMW SUV jumped out of his left turn lane coming from the other direction. He shot into the intersection almost hitting my car and the one behind me.   He locked em up and slid sideways.

How many of us go through this shit every day here in Boulder? I know it’s Sunday but Jesus H. Christ!  I like to flash my hi beams at people when they do stupid shit. Then when I get their attention, I shake my finger at them in a scolding manner. That’s better than giving them the middle finger. They feel like their 3rd grade teacher just scolded them.

From the yuppie impatient capitol of the world

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado