Plastic Bags I certainly hope the Boulder city council gets rid of those things. They should have done so 20 years ago. Here’s whats wrong with plastic bags. First off they get tangled in the machinery at Recycle Boulders and cost thousands of dollars each year in repairs. They are are dangerous for children. Hundreds die each year by accidental suffocation. They are totally non bio degradable. When they are dumped at sea in garbage disposal from cities and cruise ships, they kill fish and  wash up on beaches all over the world. Finally, they are terrible grocery bags. They break, or spill groceries all over your car. They suck and have pissed me off for a long time.

When the DEA comes calling in Boulder Don’t say we didn’t ask for it. They busted California and now they are coming to Boulder.  The entire state of Colorado has recklessly legalized marijuana with little or no controls. Boulder has been the worst violator. The entire city council especially Macon Cowles have been criminal in their actions and I won’t be a bit surprised if some city officials are arrested when the DEA starts busting down doors.  Cowles has publicly stated that he advocates breaking federal control substance laws.  The DEA works in a vacuum and does not notify local police or District Attorneys  when they come crashing down. They swoop in in mass, start arresting people and hauling them off to federal holding detention centers. They don’t even use the local sheriffs jail. Not only that, they don’t give a shit what you think and will not bend to protests or congressional pressure by Jared Polis. They laugh at him . And the joke is going to be on us when the DEA come. I’ll tell you one thing I wouldn’t want to be anywhere around the MMJ business.

The other problem is that so many kids have been turned into drug addicts by city of Boulders irresponsible actions. I volunteer to help a lot of these kids. It is heart breaking what has happened over the past two years. So many young kids lynched by the city in their stupid selfish decision to allow children the access to illegal drugs and growing operations.

note to you dear reader: Today I begin Jann Scotts Journal  again after a 5 year hiatus. 

From Americas drugiest small City
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado