A lot of misinformation goes on concerning the FCC s regulation of TV.  First off the FCC has almost no regs concerning language on cable TV. This is often mis understood . Boulder has been a perfect example of fucked up politicians on city council trying to regulate free speech on public access TV. They caused such a mess and blamed me and a few other artists, that the shut down public access tv.

Now we have Educational access TV which is highly censored by the school board and de facto the city of Boulder.  Of course the FCC nor the Boulder city council have any say in the Internet, this column, anything said or performed on Jann Scott Live my internet TV show.

Youtube of course censors based on this thing they call community standards. Read> if they don’t like what you say you are gone from You Tube. This happens quite a lot with You tube, but  is rarely reported.

The supreme Court will be taking up a case where they will discuss whether or not you will be able to say bad words on Broadcast TV after 10pm. It will probably pass.

But we still walk on thin ice in this country when it comes to freedom of speech. There are all sorts of people, groups and group think that frown on it. Twitter, You tube and Face book are 3 powerful media outlets who control how you interact.  The are all dangerous.

But I have seen enough to be wary. Especially the Hitler Youth of Social media. People like Andrew Hyde and his ilk who seek to control media. Or that Red Head writer. They drink the cool aide. meaning they are the cry baby controls.

from the not so free speech capitol

Jann Scott

Boulder Colorado.