U.C. Davis Ca. has often been compared to Boulder. Rich white and Bikes. It is a peaceful low crime city. So to see the University police attack nice students with pepper spray breeds out rage. This can is a game changer.

If the cops pulled this crap in black Oakland they would have gotten their asses kicked. It would have been war. Guns would have come out. Black and Hispanic gangsters in Cali don’t have any problem shooting back at police. It happens daily. Will the kinship between students and gangsters evolve into armed warfare with the police? Gandhi not prevailing it is headed that way. Incidents like this upped the violence. It will make students rethink non-violence. It will give radical more violent protesters a reason to start throwing rocks, bringing their own batons or guns.

Interesting , the 2nd amendment allows for armed militias to fight back at an unjust government.  It is in the American constitution.  Though the left militias usually don’t carry guns, sooner or later some one of them is going to trip over the 2nd amendment and start shooting back.

What those idiot cops did and what their idiot spokesperson said was a declaration of war on peaceful students on all American campuses. It is happening again. If the police, the university and the local government represent the interests of corrupt bankers, by not allowing civil protests, camp ins etc, we may see a stepped up response by student protesters.

This situation has made it dangerous for every decent police officer in America. Firing the UC Davis police department should help. American kids have access to guns unlike their counterparts in North Africa. This situation could turn very ugly. Protesters could start shooting back at police next time. It is not the 1960’s as some have been lulled into thinking. America is more violent.

Who are the police anyway? The black panthers figured that out. When the police started beating up and shooting people in the inner city, the Panthers brought guns. The Panthers evolved into The Bloods and Crips who still shoot back. There is an understanding between cops and gangsters. Violence. When will that develop in the Occupy movement? I’d say, right about now. What happened in Davis, in fact what is happening to occupy protesters all over this country is bullshit. Let them protest. Let them camp in parks. Who the fuck care? They are not hurting anybody. But the cops really fucked up this time and they should be put on notice…..go looking for a gun fight, you’re gonna find one.

This is where the right and left… tea party and occupy will jell. Tea Party members know all about guns. If those two groups come together, look for armed revolution.