Well that’s an awesome headline…statement…concept. It is not a new one, certainly not radical. It is the reality of subduing an enemy. Total war. All out war. Conquest…surrender.. occupation and re education.

You may say this sound like madness. Or ask what the hell are you talking about?

You won’t be saying that if radical Islamic elements of a middle eastern country drops several real nukes on American cities.  Imagine seeing New York city in flames after a middle eastern Muslim country detonates a high powered nuke in lower Manhattan and renders half of the eastern seaboard uninhabitable.??

Then what I am saying won’t seem so crazy.  You will wonder , how could this have happened?.

I am convinced that it will happen. I am also convinced at this point that president Obama has no idea what he is doing or is up against. He reminds me of early attempts by Brittan to negotiate with the Nazis. It was bullshit and caused WWII. I claim we are already in the early stages of WWIII.  There is no negotiating with radical Islam. They are bound and determined to destroy the west put us all under Sha’aria law and live in their simple desert world alone while we burn.

So here’s my plan. Afghanistan is a lost cause. We already lost that war. The Taliban have shadow governments in most of its provenances, just waiting for us to leave.  Between them and Pakistan they have the money and wherewithal to nuke us and they will when we exit Afghanistan.

Other countries of concern are Iran, actually the whole damn middle east and north Africa and North Korea.

But lets talk about the middle East. If we sent an invasion force to the middle East, conquered them occupied them and drag them kicking and screaming int the 21 century, we may be able to save the world. Otherwise we are going to burn in our homes here in America. When I say an invasion force I am talking about an allied force of 1 or 2 million troops. No fooling around. Occupy every city town  mountain and out post and put an end to Afghanistan as it exists right now. Occupy it the way we occupied Japan and Germany after WWI. Build bases there and leave them there. Kill there heroin production and kill anyone who fights us. and then move right across the middle east WWII style. We have been fighting in the middle east since the 1980s and we could have ended this a long time ago.  Or we can just stay home and wait for the nukes. It’s a shit sandwich and we are going to have to take a bite.

Also, as far as I am concerned Obama or Romney: they are both the same. neither are capable of leading this country from nuclear annihilation. Actually, they are both cut from the same cloth. Nice guys. Civilized. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of barbarians out there who aim to kill us all, very soon.

So this is well beyond petty American politics.

Watch this WWI channel and see what i mean: <a href=”http://www.justin.tv/military_history#/w/2969917904/6″>http://www.justin.tv/military_history#/w/2969917904/6</a>

Jann Scott

from the land of doom

Boulder Colorado