boulder police

Boulder Police; there is one hispanic police officer in this picture…..maybe

If you find a company in Boulder or Denver and there are no people of color working there, you can be assured that racism exists in that company .
Let’s take a police department in the given city. Now the police department should represent the percentage of the same people of color in the department so if its like 80 percent white than the department should be 80% white.

The other 20% be people of color. I don’t know if that’s the case in Boulder or Denver. I would think that it was. Probably not. Most companies in Boulder or Denver certainly have more whites than blacks. Now, why is that? Because the company is racist. Now why is that? Because the population is racist. Now why is that? well let’s say you’re in the service business in a mostly white community and you hire people of color to work for  waiting on customers .

Customers will not come to your business because you have blacks. They will go someplace else. That’s true here in Boulder. First of all boulder does not have any black people….. White people are so used to seeing only white people, that black people really stand out.  The exception would be if you are a really in shape beautiful black person…..  Cause everybody here is beautiful… first and foremost.  So like if you are a fat obese person… forget it.. You are not getting a job in Boulder. If you are Denzel Washington you are going to get a job here.

Then there’s the whole attitudinal thing between whites and blacks on the job. They can’t get along over racism.

Some companies feel that if they hire black or Mexican employees,  that the black and Mexicans will steal from them more than the whites employees. why is that?  Most white employees I have interviewed say that black and mexican employees are always the ones involved in employee theft.  Why? Cause they feel the white man has been ripping them off for years and it is payup time.

Oh Yeh, America is racist. Boulder is Racist….

Jann Scott

Boulder, Colorado