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So why was I forced to listen to a bully priest berate the entire God Damned parish at Sacred Heart Of Jesus at the 8:00 am Mass this morning.
What was even more insensitive was that this priest bellowed from the pulpit that he and only he knew the truth. Then he came out with some horse shit about loving everyone when it was clear he fucking hated everyone. This Catholic priest came from Denver to Boulder which is a hugely gay friendly community and spouted hate in Jesus name.
Catholic Priests who have an extremely high percentage of pedophilia ….. a large gay population among priests and Nuns has the nerve to come here and put that bullshit on us ?? After a land mark supreme court decision this week on gay marriage this guy had the Gaul to attack our community with hatred…. bullshit.
On top of that there was no mention of the murderous deaths in Charleston.. No mention of our presidents eulogy.. no call to prayer for Americas struggle with racism; Unbelievable! I go to church with a bunch of bigoted racist Nazis!!

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When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers.

Pope Francis says the issue of gay marriage should be studied and not dismissed out-of-hand, a senior Roman Catholic cardinal has revealed.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the outspoken archbishop of New York, said Pope Francis had told him: “Rather than quickly condemn them, let’s just ask the questions as to why that has appealed to certain people.”

The Pope himself is far more accepting than right winged bone head hypicritical priests and Bishops hereabouts.

I will say this; I have it on good authority that Jesus is pretty pissed off about gay bashing in the Catholic church and there will be a price to pay…. and trust me I am in good with the lord !!

Jann Scott
From Shiny Boulder Colorado

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