The City of St. Augustine’s staff meets with hundreds of people who offer ideas for special events to be held in the city, and all are invited to present well thought out, organized plans.

Phil Immordino, promoter of Running of the Bulls, an event held last week in Arizona, had proposed a similar event for St. Augustine and said so in the media. While Mr. Immordino did discuss such an event with the city’s 450th Commemoration Director, Dana Ste. Claire, he has not submitted any of the required plans to the city. It is unfortunate that Mr. Immordino’s comments regarding the possibility of holding such an event in St. Augustine, which appeared in an Associate Press story, was interpreted by many as a “done deal.”

St. Augustine City Manager, John Regan, stated,” City staff has determined that Mr. Immordino’s event, or any similar event, will not be approved because the event would pose an unacceptable level of liability for the city.”

City staff involved in developing plans for St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary in 2015 is constantly seeking events to commemorate the city’s rich history and its ties to Spanish culture, but staging a running of the bulls is not one of those events.

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Source: City of St. Augustine