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Jann Scott Live

Jann Scott Live – Are you taking care of your man?

Jann Scott Live calls people to ask them if they are taking care of their guy or gal sexually, you can pretty much guess how this will end. Jann also talks about fat people and if they are more happy than skinny people and should fat people be charged more to ride on a plane? Ken Lay dies after taking the world for 350 million dollars. Also the crazy reverend Pat Robertson says that the lord will lash out against us. Also Jann talks to Mohammed about not giving charity to Muslims because they might be passing on their money to terrorists.

Up to Date News

Up to Date News


Valencia, Spain, Pope Benedict XVI criticizes the Spanish for legalizing gay marriage, on the other side of the galaxy HAT-P-1 the largest planet known but is so far away that its not much to report on. Dubai, United Arab Emirates delay money transfers due to suspecting terrorists just because of the peoples names. Great Britain, John Rushton suggest that women are not as smart as men. Chicago, are fat people really as jolly as they are set out to be? And Boulder, is it a jungle?

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