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Boulder female cops are no match to violent young males: Jann Scotts Journal

Ask any male cop anywhere in the USA and the last person he wants as a partner is a woman. Most won’t say it publicly

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Jann 220 ibs of testosterone

because it is not politically correct, but every male police officer I have ever interviewed ( probably 200) have told me off the record that “female officers are useless in a street fight.” One male officer told me, ” you have to worry about them … what if they get knocked down, pinned or wrestled to the ground ?? What if a male assailant gets his hands on the women cops gun and shoots you?? ”

This is what goes through the mind of male police officers title 9 not withstanding. Is this a sexist attitude?? You’re damn right it is. It is the very definition of sexism and in this case not a bad thing. Women are the weaker sex and most women cops do not belong out on the street trying to take down bad guys. They end up getting their asses kicked and they put everybody including the suspect in danger.

Take today’s news story about Boulder female cop Beth McNalley. She tried to cuff a 24 year old male by herself in a dirt parking lot. This was a violent offender and rather than wait for back up she decided to take this guy down herself and then got into trouble. The big strong 24 year old young male swung around and started choking MNalleey and nearly killed her. She was very fortunate that a male officer happened by and tackled the 24 year old and ended it.

Now if it was a male cop that tried to cuff the 24 year old it would have been no contest but since the male offender saw an opportunity with a weak female he tried to kill her and get away. McNalley told the offender that she was going to shoot the suspect. It is a wonder he didn’t break her neck right there or take her gun and shoot her and then shoot the first arriving officer.

This happens every single day of the week in America. These women officers are not trained, do not have the strength or power in a fight and should not be on patrol doing a mans work. We need big bad strong cops who know how to fight in these situations.

I don’t care how big or bad any female cop is on Boulder PD. I don’t care if she is a testosterone taking bull dyke bad ass cop. They are no match for violent powerful young males. Boulder female cops are constantly getting punched out by young males.

We don’t have women tackles in football and we should not have women cops in Boulder trying to tackle men. What the hell is everybody thinking. ??

What is worse what if McNalley shot and killed they 24 year old violent male suspect because she could not hold her own in a fight?? That would have been horrible. A big male cop would have rapped the kid in the mouth and that would have been the end of it.

from ” we are really stupid sometimes”
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado

Jann Scott’s Journal is the story and life of Boulder Icon and talk host Jann Scott. He has been in print, on radio and on TV in Boulder since 1989. Some consider him the voice of Boulder’s soul.

Jann Scott Live - Spring 2008

Jann Scott Live – Spring 2008

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