Did you see Mark Zuckerburg on Charlie rose last night?

I know I am not supposed to criticize the holy grail “ technology “ here. OMG what would people think?  I contend that most people caught up in the social media world of twitter and Face book don’t think. They think they think  about critical issues, but they’re  limited real world experience about money matters leads me to believe, Mark Zuckerburg’s individual  users, investors and advertisers are sheep.  They drank the “Jim Jones” cool aide somewhere along the line . They are true believers. They are dumb followers and have been mass hypnotized on a global scale.  Lets look at what happened.

Mark Zuckerburg starts Face Book by stealing the idea from some other people at Harvard. So he’s a thief from the outset.  Then he proceeds to steal every University student admission record list in the world to create Face book. He does this by illegally hacking . Is he arrested for this ? Investigated? Charged? Jailed or convicted??  No.  No? What.

He some how is made into a folk hacking hero. And hacking is borne into American culture as a legitimate form of criminal activity.  You can see in some ways how this happened. All of Zuckerberg’s users were predominantly college kids. To investors it looked like he had a captured audience. To advertisers it looked the same. Law Enforcement let him get away with it when none of the universities wanted to prosecute him.

But what does Face book actually produce?  As a business what is their model?  What is their end product? How about nothing.  They don’t produce a thing. Okay maybe gossip.  They don’t manufacture a product. They don’t produce news, events, music or anything of value.

They collect young people and try to sell them shit…poorly …through advertising. They are essentially an electronic ad rag. They pretend to be anti advertising while they figure out how to rule the world. Rule the world?? That is a thesis George Hunt puts forward in TheBigBadBank.com.

But to me Zuckerburg is a shrewd adman crook who talks out one side of his mouth while he is about to get his ass kicked by a failing world economy.  He is competing with every advertising venue in the world and if he can’t produce results , he is dead. Short and simple.

I know this because I am in the same business. I compete for the same ad revenues as Mark
Zuckerberg. Except I don’t lie about it.

The difference between Channel One Networks and Face book is that we turn a profit, don’t need investors and don’t need an IPO to stay alive. Mark lies about that too.  We produce news, video, websites, commerce, trade, in store displays and more. Face book has a list of stolen names and is a terrible advertising platform.

From Americas most famous small city
Jann Scott
Boulder Colorado