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Route 66 - Part 5 - West Oklahoma

Route 66 – Part 5 – West Oklahoma


Route 66 – Part 5 – West Oklahoma – Joplin MO, Riverton KS, Miami OK, Afton OK, The Will Rogers Hotel, The Gun Museum, and an interview with Michael Wallace.

Flagler College

Renewed Control For Drunken students




drunk studentsDisturbing and dangerously drunk, at 1:30 this morning, Flagler students residing on Almeria Street were rampaging down Riberia screaming, pounding on cars, crashing through yards and waking up the working people, elderly and children. Every Friday and Saturday night we dread these kinds of disturbances.


Saragossa Street Resident and University of North Florida Professor Jason Mauro ignited discussion Monday night in comments before the City Commission. It’s time for some predictability and stability to be enforced, said Mauro. The commission’s public comment period seldom draws commission response, but this and two other comments were brought to discussion immediately by Commissioner Leanna Freeman – the other two, bridge openings and getting earlier publication of commission agendas. These are very specific concerns we should discuss while the speakers are still here, Freeman said. Mauro’s concerns, often brought to the commission over recent years, were answered by Vice Mayor Nancy Sikes-Kline – chairing in the absence of Mayor Joe Boles – and City Manager John Regan. Regan promised a report at the May 12 meeting on how Miami and Gainesville are addressing student concerns at the Universities of Florida and Miami.



Source: The St. Augustine Report

American Hustle - Movie

“American Hustle” Shows Never Con a Con Artist


“Never Con a Con Artist”

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

American Hustle is so good that don’t be surprised if during some awards ceremony it sweeps an award in all the major categories.

American Hustle

In fact, it is so good that Robert De Niro appears in it as an important character and doesn’t even get listed in the credits.

However, appearing both in the movie and in the credits are Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Jennifer Lawrence, and most if not all of them are going to come out winners during the next awards season.

The movie is based on one of the most stunning scandals and sting operations in the late Seventies, and it begins with a title that says, “Some of this actually happened.”

We are introduced to Irving, who is a con artist with such an elaborate comb-over that he not only combs his long hair over, but also glues it to his bald scalp.

Irving says, “I learned how to survive when I was a kid,” and we see how he broke the law in order to send more customers to his father’s business.

As an adult, however, and even though he owns some legitimate businesses, Irving prefers to make most of his money by charging people a nonrefundable $5,000 fee in order to get them a loan, but then he never comes back with the loan.

Irving’s partner in crime and in love is Sydney, a woman whose dream was to become anyone other than who she was, and her role in the scam is to pretend to be British royalty with bank connections.

Unfortunately, one man they try to con turns out to be Richie, who is an FBI agent with dreams of exposing and bringing down dirty politicians, and when he reveals himself to Irving and Sydney, he promises not to arrest them if they will help him in his own sting operation, which eventually involves a New Jersey mayor who wants to relaunch the casino industry in Atlantic City, a sheik who might provide the money, and mobsters from Miami who might provide the connections.

So, can you see how those involved in the operation might be in over their heads, especially when they are still keeping secrets from each other?

And all this time Irving has been married.

American Hustle is a truly enjoyable comedy.

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”

Pain & Gain

“Pain & Gain” Redeems Itself


“Redeems Itself”

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

Pain & Gain is a wacky comedy based on a true story, it was directed by Michael “Blockbuster” Bay, and it is definitely not a blockbuster in either size or scope.

Pain & Gain

And by “scope” I mean the range of operation, not the mouthwash.

The story takes place in 1995 in Miami, Florida, and it is going to result in what is called “the longest and most complicated trial in Dade County history.”

Mark Wahlberg stars as Daniel Lugo, and he is the senior fitness coordinator at a gym, but he believes he deserves better, and he doesn’t want to spend the next 40 years wearing sweatpants to work.

One customer who comes to the gym is named Victor Kershaw, played by Tony Shalhoub, he is a wealthy businessman, and Daniel comes up with the idea to kidnap Victor and rob him of all his wealth.

Daniel gets his fellow gym-rat buddy Adrian to join without any convincing at all, and then for a third partner in crime, Daniel enlists Paul, played by Dwayne Johnson, an ex-con who is also a born-again Christian.

Paul doesn’t need much convincing, either, but to seal the deal, Daniel tells him, “I watch a lot of movies, Paul, I know what I’m doing.”

Well, by this time the audience can tell that Daniel really doesn’t know what he is doing, and what was intended to be a straight-up kidnaping in which they would persuade Victor to sign over all his assets to them becomes–with all apologies to Shakespeare–a comedy of errors.

All of the following comes into play: Adrian has steroid-induced impotence, Paul is so naive that he doesn’t realize that Victor is using whatever Paul tells him about himself to bond with him, and Daniel is just, well, Daniel is just dumb.

Even though Victor is kept blindfolded the whole time while the three stumblebums try to get him to sign the necessary papers, Victor is able to identify Daniel by not exactly the oldest trick in the book, but at least as old as cologne has been around.

Also, whenever Daniel believes that he has been insulted, he flies into a rage that gets him into more trouble than he was to begin with.

Pain & Gain also has Ed Harris, which helps redeem this movie.

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”

Identity Thief - Movie

Identity Thief – Movie Trailer


Unlimited funds have allowed Diana (McCarthy) to live it up on the outskirts of Miami, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her fancy. There’s only one glitch: The ID she’s using to finance these sprees reads “Sandy Bigelow Patterson”….and it belongs to an accounts rep (Bateman) who lives halfway across the U.S. With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe, coax and wrangle her the 2,000 miles to Denver, one easy target will discover just how tough it is to get your name back.

St Augustine destination

Floridians select St. Augustine as their favorite city


“Just ask a local.” That phrase is widely accepted as the best advice anyone can offer with regard to finding the true story of a destination. So that’s exactly what Public Policy Polling did earlier this month. Renowned for their work in political polling and their ability to pick the “winners,” the folks at Public Policy Polling decided to survey Floridians to determine which city in the Sunshine State was their favorite – and which city they most disliked.

The survey of 642 voters representing all of the state’s geographic regions, ages, political affiliations and races showed that St. Augustine was their favorite Florida city. Although the results may not have been surprising, the margin of victory for the Oldest City was impressive. For example, it was “leagues ahead of the home of Disney World, Orlando” which finished second. In fact, St. Augustine was viewed favorably by 76 percent of the respondents and seen negatively by only five percent. Orlando got a 64 percent favorable and a 13 percent negative. Next came Tampa with a 61 percent favorable and 13 percent unfavorable, followed by Key West which received a 60 percent favorability rating and 12 percent who weren’t that thrilled with the city. Which city finished last? Miami had a 36 percent favorable rating, while 35 percent of Floridians viewed the city negatively.

It is important to note that no one paid Public Policy Polling to conduct the survey. They just wanted to find out what the results would be if they “just asked a local.” Needless to say, when residents of Florida’s Historic Coast are asked their opinion of the survey, the answer is: 100 percent favorable!


Beryl bears down on St. Augustine


Tropical Storm Beryl making landfall in NE Fla.

The Associated Press - ?8 minutes ago?
By KATE BRUMBACK, AP – 1 minute ago Tropical Storm Beryl is making landfall in northeastern Florida, bringing heavy rains and strong winds to the southeastern US coast. The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported late Sunday that Beryl was making 

Tropical Storm Beryl edges closer to southeast coast

Reuters Canada - ?10 minutes ago?
By David Beasley ATLANTA (Reuters) – Tropical Storm Beryl gained strength as it closed in on the southeastern coast on Sunday, dumping rain and whipping up heavy surf from northeastern Florida to South Carolina. The second named storm of the 2012 

Tropical Storm Beryl Making Landfall in…

ABC News - ?19 minutes ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl making landfall in northeastern Fla.; rain, winds lash coast.

Tropical Storm Beryl Nears Landfall, Hurricane Center Reports

BusinessWeek - ?30 minutes ago?
By Winnie Zhu on May 27, 2012 Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named weather system of the Atlantic hurricane season, was about to move onshore toward Florida, according to the US National Hurricane Center. The center of the tropical storm is forecast 

Beryl threatens rain, winds on southeast US coast

Pakistan Observer - ?38 minutes ago?
Savannah, Ga—Subtropical storm Beryl began moving faster toward an expected landfall Sunday night on the Southeast US coast, threatening Memorial Day beach-goers with forecast conditions of dangerous surf and drenching rains from northeast Florida up 

Tropical Storm Beryl strengthens, nears US coast

Newsday - ?1 hour ago?
Nation Newsday > News > Nation Print Aa Tropical Storm Beryl strengthens, nears US coast Originally published: May 26, 2012 12:30 AM Updated: May 27, 2012 11:08 PM By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MIAMI – Tropical Storm Beryl is close to making landfall in the 

Tropical Storm Beryl nears southeastern US coast

San Jose Mercury News - ?2 hours ago?
By Kate Brumback and Kelli Kennedy AP Beryl was still well offshore, but officials in Georgia and Florida were bracing for drenching rains and driving winds. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said late Sunday afternoon that Beryl would make 

Tropical Storm Beryl Nears U.S.

Daily Beast - ?2 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl is almost at hurricane level as it nears the southeastern coast. The storm is expected to touch down late Sunday night or early Monday, but forecasters say it shouldn’t strengthen before and will weaken soon after.

Tropical Storm Beryl edges closer to southeast US coast

Reuters - ?3 hours ago?
* Storm near hurricane strength, landfall seen late Sunday * Beryl threatens heavy rains, possible flooding * Dangerous surf, rip currents likely in coastal areas By David Beasley ATLANTA, May 27 (Reuters) – Tropical Storm Beryl gained strength as it 

Tropical Storm Beryl nears hurricane force; Florida, Georgia wait

Los Angeles Times - ?3 hours ago?
By Matt Pearce Tropical Storm Beryl neared hurricane strength as it prepared to lash the coasts of northeastern Florida and southeastern Georgia Sunday night and early Monday. Winds were expected to reach 70 mph as the storm made its way toward 

Tropical Storm Beryl near hurricane-strength as it approaches southeastern US 

Washington Post (blog) - ?3 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl was wrecking some Memorial Day weekend plans on Sunday, causing shoreline campers to pack up and head inland and leading to the cancellation of some events as the storm approached the southeastern US Beryl was still well offshore, 

Atlantic Tropical Storm Beryl Nears Hurricane Strength, NHC Says

Bloomberg - ?4 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic season, is nearing hurricane strength as its head for the Florida coast, according to the US National Hurricane Center. The weather system is about 75 miles (121 kilometers) east of 

Tropical Storm Interrupts Holiday Plans in Southeast

New York Times - ?5 hours ago?
Beaches along the southern Atlantic coast were closed on Sunday, and visitors and residents in some low-lying regions were told to seek higher ground as Tropical Storm Beryl threatened to upset holiday weekend plans for thousands of beachgoers.

Beryl now a tropical storm, nearing US coast

Salt Lake Tribune - ?5 hours ago?
By KATE BRUMBACK | AP Beryl was still well offshore, but officials in Georgia and Florida were already bracing for drenching rains and driving winds. Campers at Cumberland Island, which is reachable only by boat, were told to leave by 4:45 pm The 

Beryl may bring rain, wind here

Atlanta Journal Constitution - ?6 hours ago?
Monday could see a possible shower and thunderstorm, mainly south and east of the city, said Channel 2 Action News meteorologist David Chandley. Monday’s temps should be a little cooler at 86, after Sunday’s high of 91. But effects of the tropical 

Forecast: LI escapes Tropical Storm Beryl

Newsday - ?6 hours ago?
Weather Newsday > News > Weather Print Aa Forecast: LI escapes Tropical Storm Beryl Originally published: May 27, 2012 3:33 PM Updated: May 27, 2012 6:00 PM By CANDICE RUUD While Tropical Storm Beryl might be ruining holiday 

Tropical Storm Beryl May Make Landfall Tonight in Florida

BusinessWeek - ?6 hours ago?
By Devin Banerjee on May 27, 2012 Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, will make landfall tonight near northeastern Florida, the US National Hurricane Center said in an advisory.

Tropical Storm Beryl nearing US coast

New Zealand Herald - ?7 hours ago?
Beryl was still well offshore, but officials in Georgia and Florida were already bracing for drenching rains and driving winds. Campers at Cumberland Island, which is reachable only by boat, were told to leave by 4:45 pm (local time) The island has a 

Tropical Storm Beryl bears down on Memorial Day weekend

Los Angeles Times - ?7 hours ago?
By Matt Pearce Ain’t no sunshine till Beryl’s gone: Tropical Storm Beryl is set to drench parts of Florida and Georgia for Memorial Day as the storm makes landfall this afternoon and tonight. National Weather Service forecasters predicted Sunday that 

Beryl to bring rain and winds to south-east US coast - ?8 hours ago?
AP Georgia: A menacing cluster of thunderstorms dubbed subtropical storm Beryl crawled closer to the south-east US coast early yesterday, poised to bring aa rainy finale to the Memorial Day weekend on beaches and in tourist towns from north-east 

Beryl now tropical storm, nears southeast US coast

Channel News Asia - ?8 hours ago?
MIAMI: Beryl was upgraded to a tropical storm Sunday as it plowed toward the coast of the southeastern United States, casting a shadow over the first big beach weekend of the US summer season. “Beryl stronger. Now a tropical storm,” the National 

Beryl upgraded to tropical storm as south-east US prepares for heavy rain

The Guardian - ?9 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl closed in on the US south-east coast on Sunday as beachgoers braced themselves for heavy rains and a Memorial Day washout. The second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to make landfall overnight.

Beryl now a tropical storm, nears SE coast

CBS News - ?9 hours ago?
Last Updated 3:09 pm (CBS/AP) Forecasters say Beryl is now a tropical storm as it moves ever closer to the southeastern US The US National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday that Beryl had gotten slightly stronger, with maximum sustained winds now 

Tropical Storm Beryl Gains Strength, Nears Coast

NPR - ?9 hours ago?
by AP Beryl was still well offshore, but officials in Georgia and Florida were bracing for drenching rains and driving winds. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday evening that Beryl was approaching hurricane strength and was expected to 

Tropical Storm Beryl Strengthens Slightly, Continues West

BusinessWeek - ?9 hours ago?
By Dan Hart on May 27, 2012 Tropical Storm Beryl, the second named storm of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, strengthened slightly as it continues to move west, the US National Hurricane Center said in its latest advisory.

Beryl nearing US coast - ?9 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl has residents in Georgia and Florida bracing for drenching rains and driving winds. The Weather Channel Mike Seidel reports. >>> another developing story this hour. subtropical storm beryl is threatening memorial day plans across 

Tropical Storm Beryl heading for US

New York Daily News - ?9 hours ago?
Tropical Storm Beryl already was wrecking some Memorial Day weekend plans on Sunday, sending shoreline campers packing to head inland and canceling some events in the southeastern US Beryl was still well offshore, but officials in Georgia and Florida 

Forecasters say Beryl now a tropical storm as it threatens rain, wind for 

Washington Post - ?10 hours ago?
MIAMI — Forecasters say Beryl now a tropical storm as it threatens rain, wind for southeastern US. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Beryl Threatens Georgia Coast

Daily Beast - ?10 hours ago?
Residents along the coast of Georgia are preparing Sunday for the approach of subtropical storm Beryl. Campers were warned to leave a barrier island, and a jazz festival was canceled in Jacksonville, Fla., in preparation for the expected inclement 

Tropical Storm Beryl moves toward southeast US coast

Chicago Tribune - ?11 hours ago?
ATLANTA (Reuters) – Tropical Storm Beryl closed in on the southeastern US coast on Sunday as Memorial Day weekend beachgoers braced for heavy rains and dangerous surf stretching from northeast Florida to South Carolina. The second named storm of the 
St. Augustine TV

Media Characterizes Military Invasion of South Florida as “Cool Tourist Story”


Hey Florida! Did any of you witness this last night? Here are some news reports about it.

What did you think?  Please leave your comments. Thanks, editor.


A joint drill between military and police in South Florida involving troops storming a building in the middle of the night was characterized by local media coverage not as a frightening example of how Americans are being acclimatized to accept a state of martial law but as a ‘cool tourist story’.

Panic-stricken residents in Coconut Grove were awoken at 1am to the sound of simulated gunfire and explosions as military helicopters hovered over buildings and dispatched troops to the ground.

The Department of Defense drills prompted a deluge of 911 calls, but instead of asking why the military is terrifying American citizens on U.S. soil with drills designed to acclimate the public to accept martial law, local news station WSVN-TV framed the incident as a ‘cool tourist story’.

“Miami police assisted in overseeing the exercises — but they were instructed to keep quiet about the exercises until late Monday, for security reasons. The police also blocked off roads around the Grand Bay during the exercise,” reports the Miami Herald.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson,

Amelia - Movie

“Amelia” You Won’t Be Enthralled


You Won’t Be Enthralled

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

Amelia - Movie PosterAMELIA is the story of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to perform a number of flying accomplishments in the Twenties and Thirties, and she is played stunningly by two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank.

Unfortunately, if the film were a jet airplane, it would have to be called a flameout, whereas everyone involved with it and many in the audience were hoping that it would soar to wonderful and exiting heights.

Part of the reason is that we know how the story ends, and so there is hardly any suspense at all.

Another part is the construction of the film. It jumps back and forth in time and setting without warning, so that the audience is disoriented along with being dissatisfied.

As a matter of fact, the opening scene takes place in June 1937 in Miami, Florida, at the beginning of Earhart’s ill-fated attempt to be the first woman to fly around the world.

Then we jump back to April 1928 in New York City and see the preparations for Earhart’s first flight across the Atlantic Ocean, in which she didn’t fly the airplane, but was just a passenger, although she was named the “commander”
of the flight over two men who did the actual flying.

Now, some of these jumps are identified by titles for the audience, but others aren’t, and scenes from Earhart’s final flight keep being thrown into the somewhat chronological story at this point.

We see Earhart’s relationship with publisher and promoter George Putnam, played by Richard Gere, and the first time he asks her to marry him, she says, “I don’t want to get married, George. I’m not the marrying kind.”

However, they do get married, only without the part in the marriage vows about “obey.” Earhart says that she can’t promise that.

We also see Earhart’s relationship with flying instructor Gene Vidal, played by Ewan McGregor, the father of Gore Vidal, who appears in the film as a young boy.

Also, many shots of beautiful scenery are thrown in that have nothing to do with the story but just look pretty.

All in all, the film is too melodramatic, but without much drama and certainly without any suspense.

AMELIA might teach you something you didn’t know about Earhart’s life, but you won’t be enthralled with it, whereas I wanted to be enthralled.

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”

Away We Go - Movie

“Away We Go” How Sweet It Is


How Sweet It Is

“Hotshots” looks at a movie!

Away We Go - Movie PosterAWAY WE GO is a sweet little film directed by Oscar-winner Sam Mendes and starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. Krasinski, of course, is featured in the NBC TV series, “The Office,” and Rudolph was on “Saturday Night Live” for many years.

Here they play Burt and Verona, a nice young couple in their thirties who are about to have their first baby. Verona is six months pregnant.

Although she looks further along than that.

The movie starts with their going to visit Burt’s parents for dinner, who will be the only set of grandparents the baby will have, because both Verona’s parents died long ago.

At dinner, Burt’s parents reveal the surprising news that in June they are going to Belgium to live for two years.

Burt says, “You’re leaving a month before the baby is born?” and his mother says, “We’ve been planning this forever, Guys; you knew that.”

Now, the only reason that Burt and Verona are living where they are is to be near Burt’s parents, but because Burt sells insurance futures, they can live anywhere they want.

So, they decide to go on a road trip to visit friends and relatives in order to choose someplace to live where they can raise their baby.

First up is Phoenix, where they visit a woman whom Verona used to work with and her family. Allison Janney turns in a nice performance as the potty-mouthed Lily, who has a very pessimistic husband and two children who don’t pay attention to her, probably for good reason.

Then they make a quick trip to Tucson, where they visit Verona’s sister before they head up to Madison, Wisconsin, by train.

They have to take the train, because the airline doesn’t believe that Verona is only six months pregnant and won’t let her fly.

In Madison, they visit Ellen and her family, who is a professor at the university. Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a wonderful performance as a wacko hippie, but the visit does not go well.

Then they are off to Montreal and a visit with a couple they went to school with, followed by an unplanned trip to Miami to help out Burt’s brother and his sudden crisis.

AWAY WE GO brings to mind another famous saying by Jackie Gleason, and that is “How sweet it is.”

I’m Dan Culberson and this is “Hotshots.”

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