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Route 66 – Part 23 – Springfield, Illinois


ROUTE 66 – Part 23 – Springfield, Illinois – Jann heads across route 80 to the Marriot in Omaha, Nebraska on his way to Springfield, Illinois. He takes us to the Cozy Dogs in the Audi he drove, and then to the 2002 Route 66 Convention at the Renaissance in Springfield. He talks with Martin Milner from the Route 66 TV show. Then Jann visits Bill Shea at Shea’s Gas Station where there’s tons of great mother road memorabilia in the museum. Michael Wallace tells us about some history of Route 66 in Springfield and his life on the road he wrote about in his Route 66 Mother Road book.

Route 66 - Part 2 - Illinois

Route 66 – Part 2 – Illinois


Route 66 – Part 2 – Illinois – Chester Henry, the connection of US highways 24 and 66, Normal IL, Bloomington IL, Dixie Truckers, Maclene IL, Broadwell IL, Pig Ranch, the IL State Fair, Springfield IL, the Cozy Dog, Raymond, and Litchfield.

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