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Colorado Magazine October 27th - November 2nd, 2008

Boulder County Nissan Leaf death trap


Boulder County recommends the LEAF but it is a death trap. I know you mean well they’re Boulder County but the Nissan Leaf has terrible crash tests. If you drive one of those and get hit by anything larger than a Yaris you are dead. Also these discounts and kickbacks go to any hybrid vehicle like a Chevy or Ford Escape. until Boulder County bans all SUV and large cars from County streets how can you possibly recommend a deathtrap like the leaf? 

Jann Scott Auto Reviews

Jann Scott’s weekly Auto reviews is coming back


Jann Scott, Pete EgGen photog and Gabe Lee producer cover NASCAR race for C1N

Jann has built race cars, raced semi-professionally and worked in the auto sales retail business for many years. He has reviewed automobiles since 1969, and the first car he ever reviewed was a 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I for Country Senses Magazine. Since then he has reviewed automobiles in print, on radio and on TV. Jann was the Auto reviewer for the Colorado Daily, Daily Camera and KNUS radio. He is the Channel 1 networks world wide auto reviewer.  Jann has produced and hosted Route 66 a 22 part travel series. He hosts the Great American road Trip which routinely has an automobile co-star. You  can catch his TV reviews on 22Boom nightly at 9:00 pm on Comcast Channel 22 in Boulder County .  Jann has also hosted an annual TV special on the Denver Auto Show here on C1N.TV and on cable.  What makes Jann Scott interesting is that he so multi-talented. Not just here on C!N but in life. He has a lot of interests and talks about them on TV.

Jann Scott host the 2012 Denver Auto Show Special where we look at a whole bunch of different cars and speak with Tim Jackson the Denver Auto Show coordinator and he give us a little history on the show and soem of the trends going on in the market, then Jann hits the floor to look at the new cars and trucks for 2012 and 2013 as well as some concept cars.


Coolest ‘idea’ car ever : 1960 Plymouth XNR


The 1960 Plymouth XNR is a concept car created by famed Chrysler designer, Virgil Exner. It is the only car of its kind and it’s for sale.

2003 Ford Thunderbird - Auto Review by Jann Scott

2003 Ford Thunderbird – Auto Review by Jann Scott


Jann takes out the all new 2003 Ford T-Bird for a spin. It’s a convertible and perfect for summer mountain rides, this one is red and very retro looking with lots of pickup and can get you going very fast up the hills.

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