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Television and News in every city in the world supported by local and national advertising and services. Sold and serviced locally. Local content. Local sales reps. We are changing the way the world watches TV and advertising. Our business model is local news and local advertising with strong community connections in every city. While Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook operate from Silicone Valley, we operate from your home town. Big difference. We Bring you Boulder, we bring you the world.

1. TV Commercials on our channel
2. Banner ads
3. We build and manage Websites
4. Video blogs
5. TV shows
6. Video Production
7. Cross-links
8. Documentaries
9. Live Internet casts and video streaming
10. Corporate video
11. Social Media Marketing: We build and manage Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google, Youtube, and Pinterest for starters.
12. Public relations Media and press release campaigns
13. In-store video displays
14. Events: Multimedia productions
15. Coupons, Display Ads or deals.
16. We promote your business in an organized retail section with all the information you’d like people to see on the page.
18. Online Ordering, eCommerce. We can tailor to your needs for an online store for your retail store or restaurant.
19. Mobil Phone Apps, we can setup your site to be user friendly through mobile phones and other mobile devices.
20. Grand Openings Specials, we come and video it and run a bunch of ads for you.

To book an ad or buy space/time Call: (303) 447-8531 or Email:We could have helped you yesterday!


Web Design:
We offer first class web design. We will build you a 1 page inexpensive website or a site like ours. We can also rebuild your current site with new technology. We give you the personal service you need. With custom design and social integration. See examples of Websites We Develop. and a href=””>Companies we’ve done work for.

Internet Site management and marketing:
We manage websites that we build or rebuild. We will do updates as needed on a regular basis , manage your search engines, keywords , meta tags, paid clicks, and search engine optimization for a monthly fee. We are in the business 24/7, With rates that start at $200 per month.

We will market your site, based on season or busy times where your needs are greater. Also everybody here is involved in your project so we stay on top on your site. We are an upscale boutique service Web Design company. We do not host sites but will hook you up with a first rate service oriented provider and we will follow your project all the way through. We will be your webmaster and/or set you up with control.

We work with your company to produce exactly what you want in a website.


Video Production Services:
Commercials: We produce 3, 5, 10, & 15 Seconds ads for the internet and we also produce 10,15 & 30 Second for the Television.

Documentaries: Boulder channel 1 produces many client documentaries a year. We become your in house production company managing everything from concept to distribution and company management turnkey.

Family remembrances: These are personal family videos and slide show where we interview family members, integrate family photos, art and video to make a beautiful documentary for all the family and especially the children and future generations.

Corporate Videos: We specialize in executive and company profiles. We do not make product, manufacturing videos or training. We produce high quality story telling videos with flare.

Social Media Marketing: We build and manage social marketing on over 100 sites, collect manage emails, send out statements 24 hours a day. Our focus is on large daily campaigns for medium and large companies. We are pioneers in this field and believe in results not myth.

Press Campaigns: With our long background in news and public relations, we offer tailored media and public relations campaigns.

Blogs: Blogging is where we come from. We will set up, write and distribute daily and weekly blogs.

Vlogs: Channel 1 networks L.L.C. are pioneers in the Video blogging world. We invented the short video blog segment distributed on the web back in 1998. So our expertise is unsurpassed. Here we will cast, write, shoot , edit, market and distribute Vlogs.

In Store Video displays: These are retail flat screen video displays where we shoot and edit video, add photos, install and managed for a monthly fee.

Advertising Sales:
On all of our internet channels we offer advertisement opportunities, from links, commercials. 3 minute video segments, embedded websites and more.

Television Show and video blog Production:
This year we have been producing 3 minute “video Blogs” or TV shows for business’s with a special interest. It has been a huge hit. we will come to your business . shoot a 3 minute show daily, weekly or monthly , edit it, put it on your website and put it on our corresponding Channel. Cost only $800 per episode. (minimum six)

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