Jobs and Internships at C1N.TV

How about if you were part of something that is bigger than you; bigger than the company you work for; bigger than tech, Jann and Sarahbigger than startups. How about if you were really part of the Entire Boulder community?? C1N, Boulder Channel 1 and Denver Channel 1 are like the new Public / Educational Access TV all rolled into One. If you are looking to get involved on a volunteer basis or in our internship program this ad is for you. Our team is the backbone for Public television here in Boulder. We produce a nightly show called Boulder Creek Festival 2010 - Boulder Channel 1 Booth22Boom for Educational access Channel 22 in Boulder county. On Boulder Channel 1 which is web based Television we cover local events, bands, tech, everything Boulder. We have been around since 1975 and have produced Television, newspaper and radio . We are looking for people who want to be involved with a real TV channel and show your stuff. You will also help produce programming for Boulder Channel 1 and 22Boom. If you want your stuff to be seen on TV, online and all over the world in a broad TV media spectrum we are a good place to volunteer. Television: If you are a shooter editor: we will give you once a week local assignments once a week to shoot and edit a local story or event.00101_8DxVr5fXBwK_300x300 (1) Graphic Artist Let’s say you are the best designer in the world. But who sees your work ? Commercial accounts? This would be your chance to do TV Graphics and design that everyone will see and you will be part of the local Boulder TV scene.boulder news Web Developer same deal here. Do you really want to make a difference solving some local problems in TV video, at local Boulder Channel 1 and 22Boom ?? We are not your average startup buried in the tech world. We are mass media.22 Boom - 2014 Best in Boulder TV Special - Episode 74 2015 Best in Boulder TV Special Show SheetSocial Media You are all over social media. If you had a chance you could bring your expertise to a local TV station and change the world and do something that really mattered. SEO Are you a real seo expert ?? want to help local community TV . You want to be credited with your work. BLOGGER Ok you are a blogger , (along with half of Boulder.) And you have a decent amount of readers. But how about if you blogged ( reported once a week) for Boulder channel 1 in News, sports, Environment, food, entertainment, music, tech, . Where 50,000 people will read you. How about if you were a part of something Boulder.? Talent If you are an actor you would have a shot at appearing in segments on one of our shows. We need hosts for music, sports, news and E.Ashtin Battista CONTACT US HERE: 303-447-8531 Send: Cover letter, photo, Resume, reel SEE: Boulder channel 1 and 22Boom on BV-22 here: http://www.C1N.TV/BoulderChannel1

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