Aaron Smith

Aaron SmithAaron Smith, is the development and technical director of the Channel 1 Networks. A lot of his time is used for shooting ,video editing and webmaster.  He developes websites for advertisers and does a bit of everything. Aaron has two degrees in video production and web design from the Art Institute of Colorado and has been with the company since 2003. Call: (970) 301-4103 Email Aaron

Jenn Conner

Jenn ConnerJenn Conner worked for Boulder Channel 1 and The World Channel 1 networks for 4 years and was one of our big, big, big stars. She hosted World News 1 on Mondays, Boulder News on Fridays and often appeared on our Restaurant Shows and Colorado Fashion series. She was the Operations Manager and Sales Rep for Boulder Channel 1, did some web work and managed camera shoots. She is originally from Kailua, Hawaii and worked full-time on The World Channel 1 networks and Jann Scott Tonite while attending CU Boulder studying Communications. As a young actress she appeared on Magnum P.I as Magnum’s young niece, Jake and the Fat Man, Brady Bunch the Movie and most recently North Shore.

Madison Lankford

Madison LankfordMadison Lankford works in our advertising sales department. You will find him mostly online and on the phones pitching our specialty shows. He works on Our Home and Garden TV Specials. Auto shows worldwide, Restaurant shows, Best of series. Customer love him. You can often find Madison at one of our show booths around America.

George Hardwick

George HardwickGeorge Hardwick was a reporter intern in 2015, He worked in  sales also. George is a creative writing student finishing his degree at University of Colorado at Boulder. He loves being outdoors, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and just about anything else that involves a lot of adrenaline. And he is a home brewer.

Lauren Catanese

Lauren CataneseLauren Catanese hosted “This Week in Boulder” and various other special events . You can see her in our archives.

Julie Perrigo

Julie PerrigoJulie Perrigo worked on Fashion Channel 1 and Travel Channel 1. She was a CU student, our designated sorority girl and Boulder Channel 1 team’s tennis coach.

Gabe Lee

Gabe LeeGabe Lee worked on Jann Scott Live as a director in the early days. After getting a degree in communications from CU he helped our transition into word press and set up our early social Media product, OIO advertising system and PR. He currently host a travel series on our Travel TV channel.

Jeff Cormack

Jeff CormackJeff Cormack, professional snowboarder, shot and edited video for Channel 1 Networks when he was not snowboarding. He also hosted our Ski and Snowboard Channel 1and covered skiing and snowboarding events from around the world.

Alissa Barry

Alissa BarryAlissa Barry, worked in ad sales and production in the early 2000s as a Producer, sales rep Model, South Beach, Florida. Much of her camera work can be seen on our Travel Channel in our South Florida series.

Ashtin Battista

Ashtin BattistaAshtin worked for us in our sales and talent department. She hails from Southwestern in Oklahoma with a scholarship in womens Volleyball. At 12 Ashtin was an Abercrombie model in New York.  She is  trained in ballet and martial arts. She is a runner and a state champion in Track and field. She was with us for 3 months during a prime event season and moved to Florida and is now working on becoming an actress.

Rilee Gibson

Rilee GibsonRilee Gibson was a talent and Advertising sales rep for all of our channels including C1N.TV Boulder channel 1 and Denver Channel 1. You can see Rilee on many of our specialty shows such as Denver Home Show ,

Katherine Wolfe

Katherine WolfeKatherine Wolfe was the girl who appears in the openings of all of our channels. She is an actor, model and student at CU Boulder.

Heather Loser

Heather LoserHeather Loser (pronounced Lowsher) is a host of World News 1 and worked on location in Washington D.C., she now lives in the state of Washington. Heather started with us in 2009, She is an actor singer and Dancer who went to C.U. Boulder.

Allison Winchester

Allison WinchesterAllison Winchester was an account rep for us. She has worked for Channel 1 Networks on and off since 1995. Many Boulder businesses know her smiling faces as she’s out and about calling on clients daily.

Andrew Sander

Andrew SanderAndrew Sander is a TV News reporter for Boulder/Denver and Channel 1 Networks. See Andrew’s Monday Sports Page weekly on Denver Channel 1. Andrew was born and raised in Colorado. During High School found a passion for Journalism and continued on at Syracuse University at the Newhouse School of Public Communications majoring in Broadcast Journalism. After graduating in May 2015 Andrew moved back to Colorado where he landed with us fine folks here at Channel 1 Networks.

Jann Scott

Jann ScottCEO Jann Scott is in charge of Sales, creative development, financial planning and development. In 2005 The Channel One Networks was founded by Jann Scott, a Boulder TV host and producer in Television. He first put us on the web with the Chautauqua platform in 1996. In 1997 we went on Geocities. As a Cast member Jann Scott hosts some of our shows. Call: (303) 447-8531 Email Jann

Bill Williams

Bill WilliamsBill is a Mechanical engineer with expertise in ICBMs and nuclear weapons.He has designed electric cars, bikes and scooters here in Boulder. He  is our local car expert and provides us his grip skills on various TV shoots and has even appears as a cast member throughout the years.

Jon Graham

Jon GrahamJon Graham started with us back in 1990. He was our first director, producer and videographer. He has a degree in computer science from UC Berkeley.  He worked for Bell Labs here in Boulder.

Peter Eggen

Pete EggenPete Eggen started shooting shows with Jann in the early 90’s. He appears in many of the Route 66 series and Great American Road Trips. Pete’s originally from Minnesota and now lives in currently lives in Iron Mountain MI.. He is a retired officer from the United States Army Intelligence. Pete is our designated lefty with a capital L, and hosts Cosmic Pete’s Hottub Monologues, a 3 minute vlog and rage.  He is also another one of our brainy intellectuals, which is pretty much the story with everyone here at Channel 1 Networks.

Dan Culberson

Dan CulbersonDan Culberson a nationally known film critic who produced and hosted “Hotshots” movie reviews from 1983-2014 for KGNU Boulder Community Radio and on C1N.TV. Dan’s also a published journalist and author of three books. He retired after working 25 years for IBM and now produces and hosts “Two More Guys at TVBEATS” on Boulder Channel 1.

Books by Dan on Amazon
Hotshots Movie Reviews on Channel 1 Networks
Two More Guys at TVBEATS

Ron Baird

Ron BairdRon Baird was our news editor for 3 years.  He is a former Colorado Daily editor. and has several fishing books out.


HippiemanHippieman first appeared on Jann Scott Live in 2004 on Jann’s 1 hour Comedy TV Special. In February 2007 he started a 3 minute vlog called “Hippieman’s Plan for America” which can be seen on Comedy Channel 1, new every Friday. Hippieman was born in Boulder to 2 hippie parents and he still lives with them in a teepee in the backyard … seriously.

Austin Gibson

Austin GibsonAustin Gibson hosts Redneck TV. He is an account executive and works in our documentary department.Austin’s camera work can be seen on Ski Channel 1 and the Denver Auto show. He’s also an oval track dirt racer along with Jann. It’s the weirdest thing, Austin is another person with a high IQ, yet he and Jann are like 2 pig farmers. There’s nothing they love better than laying under a late model dirt stock car, getting ready for the next race. We weren’t supposed to put that part in.

Jeff Hansell

Jeff Hansell Jeff Hansell was a video editor shooter and producer now runs a Public Television Station near Boston.

Roger Franks

Roger FranksRoger Franks worked on Route 66 TV series.

Amanda Mooney

Amanda MooneyAmanda Mooney is an ad sales rep for  Channel 1 networks.. She is Boulder native with a background in sales and customer service. Amanda graduated from San Diego University with a degree in Applied Design. She has worked in the fashion Industry for companies like Chanel and Tory Burch as a brand ambassador. Look for her out and about and say hi.

Amelia Tanttila

Amelia TanttilaAmelia is our legal council for business matters and media. Tanttila Law She designed our business structure and agreements. She has worked for Denver law firms in legal/contracts departments in two Boulder/Denver area hi-tech companies. Amelia received her B.A. from the University of Washington in 1989, and her J.D. from Seattle University Law School in 1993 before her return to Colorado in 1995, she practiced in the Seattle area in private practice and as a prosecutor for King County. After taking a few years off to write full-time, Ms. Tanttila re-entered the legal profession.  In her free time she enjoys running and video-making.  She is a Colorado native and graduate of Boulder High School. Call: 720-841-3291 Email Amelia

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