formula do ivomec charily marijuana 1 resentfully is ivermectin illegal in south africa Marijuana Music Festival: Wake and Bake Fest 2014

enticingly bwin odds Celebrating an END TO MARIJUANA PROHIBITION in Colorado!

blackjack online casino When: July 3rd – 6th, 2014
Where: Denver, CO

Independence Day….Celebrate Independence from Marijuana Laws around the World…

This 4-day event celebrates Marijuana and Music…Colorado Style!

All adults over 21 yrs old from around the World are invited to BLAZE IT AND PRAISE IT

The Wake and Bake Fest is located in breath-taking South Park, CO (1484 County Road 7, Fairplay, CO 80440) and will host a 4-day marijuana-themed event on 350 acres including multiple stages, local, National and International artists, activities and competitions, street artists and performers, and a myriad of unique activities to keep participants entertained and stoked all weekend. Joint Rolling contest, sexy adult entertainment, 420 Sponsored Smoke Lounges…


This private, ticketed, adult-only event will be conducted on private property in 100% compliance with all applicable State and Local laws related to marijuana.

Come and exercise your Constitutional Rights!!!!!

Safety and fun are the priorities. We encourage participants to take advantage of the free parking and camping offered on the extensive and beautiful mountain grounds to eliminate any chance of driving under the influence of alcohol or marijuana.

Sponsored by Wright Group Event Services, Guru Graphics, Stash Tags and the Law Office of Robert Corry.

Wake and Bake Fest is a Celebration of Freedom…freedom from Marijuana Prohibition!!
Contact: 720-625-8002 or 970-389-4387


“A pot music festival planned in July will celebrate the end of Prohibition. But according to Drug Enforcement Agency in Denver selling and smoking marijuana is still illegal and the festival will fall under the surveillance of the DEA. The DEA recently had sweeping arrests for Marijuana and Heroin in Denver. These included know Colombian drug cartel members and Denver attorneys. Though local and state law enforcement agencies consider marijuana legal, they refuse to cooperate with DEA. DEA told Denver channel 1 news that they work independent of defiant local District attorneys and police. It is possible that they too could be arrested for deal a class one narcotic. DEA is building cases on local officials in Colorado and the Marijuana Music Festival in Fairplay is fair game according to DEA.”


Source: Denver channel 1 News Staff, Colette Wilson