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Barbara Jo and The Hippie Buckaroos

Barbara Jo and the Hippie Buckaroos
Phone: 303-478-1164

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C1N.TV Agency signs : Hippie Buckaroos


Channel 1 Networks Boulder office has signed Barbara Joe and the Hippie Buckaroos for full agency services. This includes promoting the upstart cover band on social media, television and all across the C1N Network in Colorado. The Hippie Buckaroo website has been improved. New poster promotions include the unique Artwork originally developed by Todd Ball. YouTube and Facebook promotions. C1N.TV/BoulderChannel1 is running banner ads, videos, and promoting the band on the music TV section. also updated their YouTube page with playlists, and new banners.. They have been promoting the band on their Facebook Music Group Boulder Music scene Bands Dates too.

Boulder Channel 1 is shooting new video for the band and then plans on promoting it in wide distribution as a local music video. C1n.Tv is also acting as Band promoter and has scored some local hotpots including Shine Boulder and Oscar Blues in Longmont.
Hippie Buckaroos
Barbara Jo and the Hippie buckaroos play Classic country, Bluegrass, Folk, Gospel, Western Swing, and Cajun style music. Barbara Jo Kammer, leader of the band has a smooth melodic powerful voice which can fill a music hall

The band was also named one of the Top ten cover bands in Denver by Westword Magazine.

One of the goals at C1n.TV agency services to to take this band all the way to signing with a good band management company and record label. They are a perfect opening act for some Redrock shows too.

Hippie Buckaroos, Louisville Farmers Market

Hippie Buckaroos, Louisville Farmers Market


The Hippie Buckaroos play the last event of the 2015 Louisville Farmers Market

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