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Press Contact

Phone: 303-447-8531

We are available for:

Jann Scott is available for television news stories. He has been a TV talent for many years and is an expert exciting interview. He is willing to appear by Skype, in a Denver studio or fly to New York Or LA

Mr. Scott is available for live broadcast or phone interviews. He also has years of experience in Talk Radio.

We have various members of our staff available for Print stories. Good choices would be Aaron Smith for technical information. Jann Scott is your go to person for a Story. Other individual cast members are also available, depending on the show you want to write about.

Jann Scott is available for Personal appearances either as an MC,  Speaker or to bring a live TV show to your event.
Both Jann Scott and Aaron Smith are available for conference panel discussions.

Press Release Archives

Feb 16, 2010 – Boulder Restaurant Videos and Search Engine

Feb 15, 2010 – Boulder Internet Television Company Starts World-News Series

Feb 14, 2010 – Boulder Restaurant Channel1 Features Sushi Tora as Best Sushi Restaurant

Sept 25, 2009 – Boulder Restaurant Channel Announces Online Database of Boulder Restaurants

Sept 17, 2009 – Boulder Channel 1 Announces New Series of Live Streaming Internet Television

Sept 16, 2009 – Channel One Networks, Internet Television

Sept 11, 2009 – Boulder Channel 1 Gets Great Reviews

Sept 4, 2009 – Boulder Channel 1 Live at The Home Town Fair

Aug 22, 2009 – Channel One Networks – Live Saturday at the Original Pancake House

Media Talking Points

1. What is Boulder Channel 1 and how did this vision of internet Television and newspaper come about.

2. What is your back ground in News papers, TV and Radio?

3. How about technology? You were one of the first in the USA to launch online TV.

4. How many staff do you have at Boulder channel 1? and why do you call them ” Cast” and not “Team or Staff” ?

5. You don’t always play by the SM rules and ruffle the feathers of the social media, yet Boulder Channel 1 has big numbers and is enormously successful. How can you account for taking big risks with your audience?

6. What do you call them? Viewers, Followers, Readers… and who are they?

7. Can you talk about your financial model? You don’t take VC money. You are not diluted. Yet you are profitable?

8. What is C1N? It looks and sounds like CNN. Is it a TV network?

9. What do you see for the future of Boulder Channel 1 and where do you want to be in 10 years?

10. Some insiders say you have huge staying power and can weather anything. Why is that?

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