Boulder Channel 1Boulder Channel 1 went online in 2005 as an internet only television channel for Boulder, Colorado.  We are a 24 hour a day 7 day a week channel, with all original videos. The channel has expanded into many different areas of Boulder all under the Boulder Channel 1 name. To Advertise Call 303-447-8531

Channel 1 Networks is a future creation and adaptation from our world Channel 1 Networks which was an entire world wide network of internet TV channels, with original programming produced here at our world headquarters in Boulder.

Our Financial Model is advertising based from local retailers in each community, backed by national ads. We also provide a host of client services at the local level. We are self sustaining, profitable and we host our own advertising.

Boulder Channel 1 News
Boulders Internet TV News & Newspaper

This is Boulder Channel 1’s news channel and newspaper with local news stories posted through out the day. We have TV news casts and community feature stories. All local, All Boulder. We operate as a traditional news organization with both TV and Journalistic news. We serve Boulder exclusively, since 1999 when we posted our first TV news cast on Tripod using University of Colorado servers.

About Channel 1 Networks

The Channel One Networks was founded by Jann Scott, a Boulder tech mogul with decades of experience in internet, television, print, video and radio news broadcasting. In 2005 his company created and soft launched The World Channels. Scott then created an entire satellite system of TV channels online. Channel 1 Networks is internet television designed for the local community and through national media partnerships. Weekly shows are aired on traditional television along with our websites. The staff is a mix of seasoned advertising media types and young hip designers. Channel 1 Networks relies on sound financial and production models that utilize the unique and upcoming social platform of internet television. For more information please visit, C1N To Advertise call 303-447-8531

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