CEO Jann Scott is in charge of Sales, creative development, financial planning and Network development



Aaron Smith, is our Webmaster  spends a lot of his time filming editing and producing shows for Channel 1 Networks. Aaron has two degrees in video production and web design from the Colorado Institute of Arts, now know as the Art Institute of Colorado, from digital photography to video editing and web design, Smith does it all, he has worked with Jann for many years on thousands of projects. Aaron is married to a lovely woman, Amber and has a 3 year old son Jonah.



Allison Winchester is an account rep for us. She has worked for Channel 1 Networks on and off since 1995. Many Boulder businesses know her smiling faces as she’s out and about calling on clients daily.



Ron Baird is our news editor. He posts the stories which come in from the city, county, CU state and white house. He writes the head lines and makes us first in braking news. He is a former Colorado Daily editor.
Ron Baird is the author of Dark Angel, iUniverse, 2001, Black Wind (the first installment in the Aaron Hemingway series), and Fishing Colorado; A Falcon Guide.Ron was a news reporter and assistant editor at the Colorado Daily. He is an author and has several new books out


Dan Culberson hosts our Film Channel 1 featuring Hotshots Movie Reviews up every Thursday. He also hosts Getting Wet on the Internet on Computer Channel 1 airing every Saturday. Dan was Jann’s 1st TV director directing Jann Scott Live back in 1989. Dan is a pronounced movie critic and Television personality. Dan began writing as a teenager and was first published nationally in 1958. He started his first novel in 1963, which eventually became Plastic Man/A Novel of the Sixties. Other books he has written (but not necessarily published) are Chinese Kid Down the Street, The Basics of Netstyle, An Atheist’s Handbook, The Boomer Files, Two More Guys at the Movies, Thinking in the Dark/Essays on Historical, Social and Philosophical Matters and Seen through the Eye of the Motion-Picture Camera in a Darkened Room.


Jon Graham is our station manager for St Augustine Florida. He worked for Bell labs and is a computer wiz. Jon writes, shoots video, edits and makes St Augustine Channel 1 stellar


Henry Koren is a specialist in Database Driven Web Applications. He graduated from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2009 and moved to Boulder soon after. He is assisting in improving the management of Channel One Networks content as well as enabling the playing of video on popular mobile device platforms. He is also an avid photographer and who blogs about image quality issues on his personal site

Past Team Members



Gabe Lee worked on Jann Scott Live as a director in the early days. After getting a degree in communications from CU he helped our transition into word press and set up our early social Media product, OIO advertising system and PR. He currently host a travel series on our Travel TV channel.






JENN CONNER Jenn Conner  worked for Boulder Channel 1 and The World Channel 1 networks for 4 years and is one of our big, big, big stars (oh, stop it, who wrote this?). She hosts World News 1 on Mondays, Boulder News on Fridays, often appears on Boulder and Denver Restaurant ShowsColorado Fashion, and with a little luck some of our beach travel shows to the South Pacific…hint. She is also the Operations Manager and Sales Rep for Boulder Channel 1, does some web work and can manage a camera and a shoot with the best of them. She is originally from Kailua, Hawaii and lives in Boulder working full-time on The World Channel 1 networks and Jann Scott Tonite while attending CU Boulder studying Communications. She lives with her great boyfriend, Ian. As a young actress she appeared on Magnum P.I as Magnum’s young niece, Jake and the Fat Man, Brady Bunch the Movie and most recently North Shore. Jenn is also a professional model who works it on the runway!




Jeff Cormack, professional snowboarder, shoots and edits video for the World Channel 1 networks when he is not snowboarding. He also hosts our Ski and Snowboard Channel 1 and covers skiing and snowboarding events from around the world. Jeff also lives in Boulder and drives a Cadillac Escalade, which everyone makes fun of (but he really does need it for towing his racing snowmobiles).



Pete Eggen started shooting shows with Jann in the early 90’s. He appears in many of the Route 66 series and Great American Road Trips. Pete’s originally from Minnesota and now lives in Boulder. He is a retired officer from the United States Army Intelligence. Pete is our designated lefty with a capital L, and hosts Cosmic Pete’s Hottub Monologues, a 3 minute vlog and rage against feminist control of men and the Bush Administration, no pun intended, up on The World Channel 1 every Tuesday. Pete also researches for Travel Channel 1 and is our lead sales rep in our Home and Garden series. He is also another one of our brainy intellectuals, which is pretty much the story with everyone here at The World Channel 1 networks sexy geeks.




Alissa Barry, worked in ad sales and production in the early 2000s Producer, Model, South Beach, Florida




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