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Boulder Channel 1 is Boulder’s TV Channel on the web and on Cable. We come to your place of business and shoot a 3 minute TV business news story which we play on Boulder Channel 1 in our various playlists such as fashion, shopping, food, auto, health etc… as well a featured story we publish about your business with links to your website, social media accounts and location information.

All of this includes; a 15 second TV commercial that goes in all of our playlists, Banner ads on every page on Boulder Channel 1, your video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media as well we buy Google and Facebook ads to promote your video.

The results we give are very good and Boulder advertisers love us. Please call 303-447-8531 or Email us at

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    2015 Holiday TV Specials

  • Boulder Channel 1 Rate Card

    Boulder Channel 1 Rate Card

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