This was a good try for a first album. The song selection was solid country and bluegrass. Packaging on the new cd was impressive. It was self produced, and funded by crowd .  the cd is for sale on Amazon, apple and Spotify. It is not available at Bart’s Records in Boulder or Albums on the Hill. It should be. Her crowd is older and still buys cds.

Produced by KC Groves and Aaron Youngberg. Recorded at Swingfingers Recording studios, mastered at Airshow Mastering.  The mixing is not very good. Mic levels are off. Kammers strong voice sounds weak.  The cover photo of Kammer by Flat Nine Design is blurring and back lit. Airshow is the only company on this album known in the music world. They could have fixed this recording.

We wonder why Kammer did not use her band Hippie Buckaroos because her use of session musicians made her sound lost in the background.  She is much better than that.

A few of the songs do stand out where the engineers brought her voice up. The use of  fiddle also helped on some songs.

The quality of Kammer’s voice mic made her sound tinny.  Good mics cost ten to 20 thousand and KC Groves recording studio is just not at that level.

Maybe next album Barbara Jo Kammer will go to a real recording studio with good equipment and real sound engineers. Boulder has some like Coupe Studios or E-town.  She should have used her band and supplemented with session musicians. That hurt this album.

Having said all of that… for a Lafayette country singer , this was an outstanding garage recording.  However, Barbara Jo and the Hippie Buckaroos are better seen live.