Best and Worst Car Dealers

The Absolute #1 Auto dealer in Boulder or Denver is Fisher Honda Kia . First they sell Honda and Kia which are two best

Jann Scott and Craig Fisher on set of TV special

Jann Scott and Craig Fisher on set of TV special

Automobiles in the World. We have known Craig Fisher for over 20 years and he is the most forth coming auto dealer in the area. He will sit down with you and have a conversation unlike some one like Auto Nation which epitomizes corporate personhood and distrust.

We do know Boulder Toyota and you will be treated fairly there. Steve Dorsham has a very good reputation.  We have bought cars from both Fisher and Boulder Toyota. For Jeep and Chrysler and Dodge products we recommend Cooke Motor Co. in Trinidad Colorado. Jeff Cooke is a big time Auto dealer who moved to a small city and is actually making the best deals in the state. 

We do not recommend Pollard Jeep  because they won’t give you the time of day. Nor will McCadden Cadillac, or Valley Dodge so why shop there.? We feel the same way about Flat Irons Subaru  AcuraWe always recommend car dealers where you can do business and we don’t feel the love at these.

Volkswagen has to be purchased at Omeara VW on 104th and not Gebhart. Why ? Because we know the Omeara family and the have a 100 year reputation. Gebhart VW is just not friendly.   Buy your Ford trucks at Omeara Ford Center. Again Omeara is a family owned company who have more Fords on site than any dealer. Southern Colorado we recommend Cooke for Fords.

Remember any car dealer can get any car in 24 hrs because the entire industry is computerized.  You always have to work your best car deal at any dealership unless the dealer is your dad. Since the financial crash of 2009 the auto industry had a major shake up for the better. Cars have gotten better. But there is still some real junk out there. Many  dealers still operate in the old school fashion of “Jamming  customers into cars

We realize this is just a sampling of good and bad. But our Jann scott is Colorado most knowledgeable auto reviewer in the state and you can count on him. See Jann’s annual 2014 Denver Auto show both online and on Cable TV. If you need to buy a new car Jann will  give anyone a personal recommendation and advice 303-447-8531