The conditions were right, but no funnel clouds were seen.

By 5:00 pm yellow clouds rolled in over Boulder. Sheriffs dispatch tells Boulder Channel 1 news that “what is in the clouds is dust, humidity and low laying clouds stirred up by 70 mph winds from Weld county north east of us.

Boulder Police department dispatch then started getting calls but most of the action was in the East county. By 8:39 flooding had occurred at 63rd and Lookout Road according to dispatch. Trees were down all over county. Arapaho was closed for a while due to flooding and downed trees.. Tornado warning sirens went off in the ¬†county though no funnel clouds were seen. Dispatch told BC1 news ” there was no official weather warning but Sheriffs department was proactive since we were on the ground and could see what was happening.

The office of Emergency Management opened. At 7:30 pm Boulder OEM sent out a press release 3 hours late which would have done nobody any good. seen below:

“Are you wondering why sirens went off in the communities around Erie tonight when the tornado threat was only in Erie?
siren technology allows a specific number of programming options. Most tornado warnings are more widespread than the warning we saw in Erie tonight. For this reason, tornado sirens are programmed to go off in small regions. Otherwise, there would be a severe delay in cases where officials need to alert a handful of towns all at once.
Remember, when you hear a siren or other warning, gather additional information and take action for your safety. Weather radios, news stations and are good places to seek additional information”

It is very clear Boulder dodged at weather bullet on this day. Erie, Superior, Lafayette and Louisville took the brunt of this storm.