Ed note: See the city’s response at the end of the article
City Manager Jane S. Brautigam has approved a flexible rebate application for Boulder-based Gnip for up to $45,000 in rebates.  The rebates were authorized for sales and use taxes, and permit-related fees.

“Gnip is a fast-growing company in Boulder’s thriving downtown and high-tech communities,” Brautigam said.  “The city is very pleased that it can support Gnip’s expansion so it can grow as an industry leader, delivering three billion social media activities per day.”

The flexible rebate program is one of the city’s business incentives, covering a wide range of fees, equipment and construction use taxes.  Under this program, the city manager may consider a specific incentive package for tax and fee rebates to meet a company’s specific needs.  The company is then eligible for the rebate after it has made its investment and paid the taxes or fees to the city.

Gnip is the largest provider of social data in the world, partnering with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and WordPress, among others, to aggregate social media data and information for their clients.  Founded in 2008, the company has emerged as a leader in the social media industry.  With 50 employees, Gnip recently expanded into a new space at 1050 Walnut, Suite 115, to maintain its presence in downtown Boulder. In addition, Gnip was named “best place to work” by both the Boulder Chamber and the Denver Business Journal.

“We’re excited to be a based in Boulder and we think our growth is facilitated by the many advantages offered by the City of Boulder”, said Gnip CEO Jud Valeski. “We think Boulder offers the world’s best place to work and live.”

The flexible rebate program uses social, community, and environmental sustainability guidelines. Companies choose the guidelines that best fit their circumstances, but must meet minimum requirements in order to receive the rebate.  Gnip has exceeded the requirements and, of note, the company has initiated the Gnip Gives Back program.  This program coordinates charitable giving and organizes group service opportunities for the company to participate in. Gnip also offers Eco Passes, Boulder B-Cycle memberships, and annual City of Boulder Recreation passes to their employees and is located in a LEED Gold certified building.

Gnip’s application is approved as part of the 2012 flexible rebate program; one application is still pending. The city’s approved 2012 budget includes $350,000 in funding for 2012 flexible tax and fee rebates for primary employers.

For more information about the city’s economic vitality program, go to www.bouldercolorado.gov, click on “Business,” or call Liz Hanson at 303-441-3287.