Boulder 14 city council candidates give their platform (more or less) in 35 minutes. The deciding factor is are they Pro growth or Not? The pro-growth candidates are tricky and not forth coming. They use buzz words as “business, economy, startups, technology”
The problem with Pro-growthers is that they have been brainwashed by business concerns to believe they are meeting the need.
The Boulder economy is the best on Colorado and the Job rate is excellent.. Now comes protecting what we have built over the past 100 years.Boulder could end up looking like South east Denver with your wrong vote.
It looks to us that these will most likely be the elected officials: Ed Byrnes, Cyndy Carlisle, Bill Rigler, Sam Weaver and Mary Young. They are the strongest candidates and the most progressive. As it happens they will be no growthers and put an end to the out of control building downtown.