With out much fanfare a new TV Channel and Newspaper for Longmont Colorado hit the Internet this week from the team at Channel 1 Networks.

“In a way Longmont is the largest growing city in Boulder county and our research shows the people here want their own Channel 1. We have a lot of advertisers from Longmont too” said Jann Scott ceo of Channel 1 Networks. 

Longmont Channel 1 is our NEW TV station Newspaper for the city with News, Food, Fashion, Home and Garden. As we get press releases from the city, police, schools and community organizations we will file stories just like we do in Boulder. But these will be Longmont only.

We are looking for community volunteers to help with stories and local news video.

Send press releases or video to : Ron Baird, news editor rebaird@indra.com. Advertising contact Allison Winchester 303 442-4334