Caucus affiliation deadlines approaching


Boulder County, Colo. – Deadlines are already approaching for voters who want to switch party affiliation before caucuses are held during the 2012 election cycle.


Registered voters who want to participate in the Republican Party caucus, to be held Feb. 7, must affiliate with the GOP no later than Wednesday, Dec. 7. They can do so by updating their voter information at or calling the Boulder County Elections Division at 303-413-7740.


Registered Republican voters who’ve moved recently must update their voter information by Monday, Jan. 9, to participate in the GOP caucus. First-time voters, such as naturalized citizens or those who turn 18 before Feb. 7, must register no later than Jan. 9 if they want to participate in the Republican caucus.


Registered voters who want to affiliate with the Democratic Party or American Constitution Party, both of which will hold caucuses on March 6, have until Friday, Jan. 6, to affiliate.


First-time voters and members of those parties who’ve moved recently must update their voter information by Monday, Feb. 6, to participate in the Democratic or American Constitution caucuses on March 6.


Each political party organizes and conducts its own caucus. For more information about a party’s caucus, contact local party leaders.


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