In 2016, Spine West was runner up in the Best of Boulder County Gold Awards, only second to a large regional hospital. They remain an independent practice that provides the community with trusted, patient centered care by board-certified providers dedicated to treating the whole person, not just a single symptom or body part. Their focus is on biological, social, psychological and vocational issues, with emphasis on a high standard of living, and they strive to “add life to years.”

Using a team-centered approach, Spine West’s team collaborates with other team providers to promote patient health and prevent future injury. They’re experts at diagnosing and treating simple and complex nerve, muscle, joint and spine problems and the physiatrists and sports physicians restore function to nerves, muscles, bones, and the brain, all with non-surgical techniques.

Spine West Physiatry5387 Manhattan Circle
Boulder, CO 80303

Phone: (303) 494-7773
Fax: (303) 494-1104

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Spine West Spotlight

Spine West Spotlight

Award-Winning Boulder Clinic Restores Your Physical Functions and Maximizes Your Performance[READ|SHARE]
Spine West Physiatry & Sports Physicians

Spine West Physiatry & Sports Physicians

Our Best in Boulder TV Special visits Cliff Gronseth, M.D. Founder of Spine West Physiatry and Sports Physicians. They won the People's Choice Award for Best Medical Facility in Boulder and Cliff shows us some of the reasons why they won this prestigious award. With their expert diagnostics, treatment and Spine West's approach to biological, social, psychological and vocational issues, they focus on the whole person to promote patient health and prevent future injuries. Spine West is a one stop shop for a lot of patients they serve. Their services include Ultrasounds, X-Rays, Fluoroscopy, Open-sided MRI and in house Physical[READ|SHARE]
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Spine West: Best Medical Facility 2017

Spine West’s board-certified providers treat the whole person rather than just a symptom or part of the body. The goal is to use non-surgical treatments to restore proper movement and functions of the nerves, bones and the brain. Physiatrists and sports physicians assess the proper treatment using MRIs, physical therapy and education for a complete approach to your health. With a mission of promoting health, hope, function and injury prevention, Spine West works to “add life to your years.” You’ll get the healing touch that empowers at Spine West.[READ|SHARE]