Boulder Fire-Rescue to begin severity patrols in west Boulder and foothills


In response to an increased wild land fire risk related to current weather conditions, Boulder Fire-Rescue will conduct daily “severity patrols” in Boulder’s urban interface areas and surrounding open space. This is being done in order to closely monitor conditions and to provide a quick response should a fire be spotted or reported.


This proactive approach was also used last summer, when a crew on routine patrol was the first to respond at the scene of the Flagstaff fire. That quick response, coupled with extensive mutual aid and timely aerial support, proved beneficial in limiting the fire to 300 acres.



The severity patrols are scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 13, 2013 and will continue indefinitely. Crews will patrol areas both inside of and adjacent to the city of Boulder, concentrating on the western edges of town, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. The patrols will take place seven days a week.


Three-person wild land crews will staff a Type 6 brush truck. The size of the brush truck allows it to access areas which would be difficult for larger equipment to navigate. The truck carries approximately 300 gallons of water, hoses and tools.


Wild land firefighting techniques are different than the techniques used to fight building fires in urban areas. Wild land crews use hand tools and chain saws to remove trees and brush, in essence “starving” the fire of fuel. Water is used in the clean up stages and is not considered the main fire suppression strategy.


Severity patrols are being conducted by both City of Boulder crews and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office. This will allow for a timely response along the western edge of the city.


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