To be honest, when I heard the opening riff to “Walking in Memphis,” I thought to myself “well, here’s yet another  typical cover band.” Oh, how wrong I was. This motley gang of six, known as Tripping Griswolds, put on a stellar show. Their performance was tight, flowing through the cover band mainstays like “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Don’t Stop Believin'”. I was pleasantly surprised when they put their own flavor on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” it was a delight to see this goofy crew of gentlemen perform that song. They had the crowd on Pearl Street packed in front of the stage, dancing all evening. The, so called, “Special Ed” (the guy resembling a jolly blue Kool-aid man) threw some great banter in between songs. They wrapped up the show with a Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” with the crowd singing the chorus in unison.

If you need a good old cover act for an event, the Tripping Griswolds are top-notch.

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