Jann Scott

Jann ScottCast member Jann Scott hosts Jann Scott Live and 22Boom on cable. Jann hosts Jann Scott Live, Travel Channel 1, Food Channel 1, Denver Restaurant Shows, Auto TV 1and Jann Scott Tonite.

Aaron Smith

Aaron SmithAaron is the webmaster and video editor for the Channel 1 network He also does our video editing. Aaron posts our film trailers weekly, writes SM. and web stories for C1N He appears as a cast member on air at events and network shows.

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Rilee Gibson

Rilee GibsonRilee Gibson is a talent and Advertising sales rep for all of our channels including C1N.TV Boulder channel 1 and Denver Channel 1. You can see Rilee on many of our specialty shows such as Denver Home Show , Best in Denver, and on advertiser informationals. Besides being a seasoned advertising and sales professional Rilee has lost of customers in Boulder and has headed sales teams for Boulder Fitness companies. She has been in Cheer-leading and dance team and lives with her husband and two children in the Boulder area. Rilee is this years IT girl for C1N. She is a model and a stunning TV talent.

Ashtin Battista

Ashtin BattistaAshtin is a stunning beauty and model she represents what we are all about: Glamour beauty and brains. College: she hails from Southwestern in Oklahoma. At 12 Ashtin was an Abercrombie model in New York. She comes from a family of models and videographers and has been on both sides of the camera. Ashtin is also trained in ballet and martial arts, in high school she was a cheerleader and received a volleyball scholarship. She is a runner and a state champion in Track and field. She was with us for 3 months during a prime event season and is now living it up in sunny Florida.

Katherine Wolfe

Katherine WolfeKatherine Wolfe is the girl who appears in the openings of all of our channels. She is an actor, model and student at CU Boulder. She is our catholic school girl gone bad (no just kidding) she’s a devout catholic like most of our cast. Okay, we know this is a little weird, like we have pictures of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, the Pope, statues of St. Francis of Assisi & no she’s not repressed, hardly.

Heather Loser

Heather LoserHeather is our latest Host Of World New 1. She is an actor singer and Dancer. Also Catholic, went to CU and is now engaged. She is funny bright and beautiful. Heather started with us in 2009 and continues to be part of our cast.


HippiemanHippieman first appeared on Jann Scott Live in 2004 on Jann’s 1 hour Comedy TV Special. In February 2007 he started a 3 minute vlog called “Hippieman’s Plan for America” which can be seen on Comedy Channel 1, new every Friday. Hippieman was born in Boulder to 2 hippie parents and he still lives with them in a teepee in the backyard … seriously.

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Jenn Conner

Jenn ConnerJenn Conner worked for Boulder Channel 1 and The World Channel 1 networks for 4 years and is one of our big, big, big stars (oh, stop it, who wrote this?). She hosts World News 1, Boulder News, often appears on the Boulder Restaurant Show and Denver Restaurant Show, Colorado Fashion, and with a little luck some of our beach travel shows to the South Pacific…hint. She was also the Operations Manager and Sales Rep for Boulder Channel 1, does some web work and can manage a camera and a shoot with the best of them. She is originally from Kailua, Hawaii and lives in Boulder and worked full-time on The World Channel 1 networks and Jann Scott Tonite while attending CU Boulder studying Communications. As a young actress she appeared on Magnum P.I as Magnum’s young niece, Jake and the Fat Man, Brady Bunch the Movie and most recently North Shore. Jenn is also a professional model who works it on the runway!

Jeff Cormack

Jeff Cormack, professional snowboarder, shoots and edits video for the World Channel 1 networks when he is not snowboarding. He also hosts our Ski and Snowboard Channel 1 and covers skiing and snowboarding events from around the world. Jeff also lives in Boulder and drives a Cadillac Escalade, which everyone makes fun of (but he really does need it for towing his racing snowmobiles).

Julie Perrigo

Julie PerrigoJulie Perrigo worked on Fashion Channel 1 and Travel Channel 1. She’s a CU student, our designated sorority girl and Boulder Channel 1 team’s tennis coach.

Peter Eggen

Pete EggenPete Eggen started shooting shows with Jann in the early 90’s. He appears in many of the Route 66 series and Great American Road Trips. Pete currently lives in Iron Mountain Mi. He is a retired officer from the United States Army Intelligence. Pete is our designated lefty with a capital L, and hosts Cosmic Pete’s Hottub Monologues, a 3 minute vlog and rage against feminist control of men and the Bush Administration, no pun intended. In 2015 he is working on an all new series. Pete also researches for CIN.TV Travel and is our lead sales rep in our Home and Garden series. He is also another one of our brainy intellectuals, which is pretty much the story with everyone here at Channel 1 Networks sexy geeks.

Lauren Catanese

Lauren CataneseLauren Catanese hosted “This Week in Boulder” and now lives in Whistler, Canada.

Austin Gibson

Austin GibsonAustin Gibson hosts Redneck TV. He is an account executive and works in our documentary department.Austin’s camera work can be seen on Ski Channel 1 and the Denver Auto show. He’s also an oval track dirt racer along with Jann. It’s the weirdest thing, Austin is another person with a high IQ, yet he and Jann are like 2 pig farmers. There’s nothing they love better than laying under a late model dirt stock car, getting ready for the next race. We weren’t supposed to put that part in.

Alissa Barry

Alissa BarryAlissa Barry, worked as a producer, sales rep, and help in our early days. She works as an actress, producer and sales rep in televsion. Much of her camera work can be seen on our travel channel in our south Florida series.

Jeff Hansell

Jeff HansellCamera Man – Jeff Hansell now runs a Public Televison Station near Boston.

Roger Franks

Roger FranksRoger Franks worked on Route 66 TV series.

Jon Graham

Jon GrahamJon Graham started with us back in 1990 . He was our first director, producer and videographer. John Started digital editing in the early 1990s. He produces St Augustine Channel 1.

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